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Love Love LOVE Lost Empire Herbs!

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Wow! THIS is a fabulous store! has some really difficult to find, very high quality and powerful herbs and educational resources. The store was founded and is managed by three brothers, Zane, Cloud, and Logan Christopher. They are very hands-on, and talk about honesty and integrity. These are guys after our own hearts here at  Once you visit and get to know the background of these guys, I think you’ll fall in love with them as much as we have.

On a personal note, I (Kathy, the lead female on the team) and my husband have a deep and abiding respect and interest in medicinal mushrooms (primarily chaga and red-banded polypores), and we harvest them as well – so when we noticed that also loves them – well, that was pretty much the icing on the cake.

They have stuff that I have literally just been hearing about in different alternative health journals and some of it sounds pretty exciting. They are one of the most respected folks when it comes to where to buy Pine Pollen (evidently one of their most popular signature items!), chaga, lion’s mane (we know it as bear claw up north, and we have it growing on our property – we actually just had some!), reishi, ant extract, ashwaganda, bacopa, Cordycep Mushrooms, Maral Root, hormone testing kits, books and other educational and informational resources, Shilajit Powder and Resin, female and male hormonal support formulas and just so much more.

I have a feeling that you are going to hear a lot about this store, and the brothers behind the brand. And, if they offer any Lost Empire Herbs promo or coupon codes, we’ll add them to the Lost Empire Herbs coupon code section of the site here!

To get to know the brothers and their outstanding website, start here:

Lost Empire Herbs coupon code