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America’s e juice subscription programs have been highly popular with vapers. They provide a way to try new top shelf, American-made products while paying less per/ml. A subscription tends to yield surprises and pushes consumers out of their comfort zones. But most companies, such as, also give consumers the choice to purchase products individually outside of a subscription.

Breazy Box DeluxeWhat is an E Juice Subscription?

When consumers join a plan, they receive a certain number of bottles of e juice monthly. Although they specify the sorts of flavors they do and do not wish to receive, bottles are usually a surprise.

The customer doesn’t know which brand or style he or she will find in the mail each month. Vapers love the anticipation and frequently discover new, favorite products they would have otherwise overlooked. Sells E Juice Membership Plans

Customers at can sign up for one of two sizes of subscription using the regular formula. Pick a nicotine level and flavor boundaries. Select the larger or smaller order size (2 to 4 or 4 to 8 bottles, depending on volume) and wait for the new month to roll around.

Your box could contain e juices by BLAQ Vapor, Drippy Lee, 2 Cousins, or even Breazy. There is a very long list which is full of names, some familiar, some not so familiar. E Juices

Since there are so many products one could highlight, let’s begin by looking at Breazy’s own selection of breakfast styles. In fact, that is the name of their series: Breazy Breakfast. Why not specialize? Every other category is amply covered by the dozens of other brands available from the website.

Breazy makes an assortment of five vaping breakfast dishes. These are Toucan Cereal, Caramel Cinnamon Bun, Blueberry Donut, Honey Nut Cereal, and Strawberry Milk. They are not necessarily original, but the company guarantees quality and American-made standards.

Bottles come in 30 ml, 60 ml, or 120 ml sizes, always glass, with 0, 3, 6, or 12 mg of nicotine. Theirs is a small business, so there is always the possibility of stock issues. For instance, your chosen nicotine level or the bottle size you want might be sold out for a short time.

E Juice Promises

Without preamble regarding their specific line of e liquids, I can’t tell you much except what the company tells their customers on the “About Us” page. Information regarding e liquids pertains to every brand, theirs included.

Clients can expect to find only bottles with childproof caps so as to ensure the safety of their customers’ youngsters. Every product is US-made to top-shelf standards. I’m afraid that, since most top-shelf companies give almost nothing away regarding their ingredients or facilities, this can mean anything and is a purposely vague statement.

Company Policies

But, being a small firm in a big industry full of little guys, will have to fall in line with all the other businesses. The FDA has established guidelines about e juice bottling and ingredients, so I would look at their website again in 6 months.

A few things should have changed. Some e juices will have been removed as they go out of business or chooses not to be associated with them for the sake of their reputation. Their house brew will be more thoroughly described online I hope.

The firm provides several compelling reasons to shop with them. Firstly, they donate 1% of proceeds from sales to charity. I would love to see which charities these are and hope they aren’t just vaping associations.

Smoking-cessation programs and child-centered organizations are always good. Breazy’s employees “live for their customers,” so there’s a good chance clients get informed on decisions about where to channel this 1%.

The firm’s foundation is customer service but their roots go deeper; to a loathing of cigarettes and what these poisonous sticks can do to a smoker and a smoker’s family. Thanks to these strong feelings about cigarettes, does not associate with Big Tobacco.

No cig firms supply funding or partnership in any way. What the people at Breazy want for vapers is the simple freedom to find a way to give up smoking. To them, vaping is a healthier option.

E Juice Offer

With that in mind, Breazy is offering customers a special deal. If they spend more than $30 at this online store, they will receive a free sample of e juice. The people at Breazy will select a flavor the customer hasn’t ordered before in the hope of introducing something the client finds unexpectedly pleasing. Freedom tastes sweeter when you have more choices.

Protecting Kids

Breazy promises to never advertise to kids or to sell goods to children knowingly. They can’t vouch for the companies whose products they sell. As you can see by the list, even some of the brand names could catch the younger consumer’s imagination as will certain flavors, and then again, there is a vast majority of adult vapers who lean towards these flavors.

The website, however, doesn’t attract children. It’s clean and “breezy” but not bright and animated. This is a user-friendly portal for adult shoppers online.

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