10% off the All-American CLASSIC BROMWELL SIFTER!

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Home of the BEST old fashioned flour sifter! Use this Jacob Bromwell promo code and save 10% off their ever-classic “All American Flour Sifter!” The Bromwell Sifter is well-known, and in millions of households! If you’ve been given one in the years past, take a look at it to see if it’s a Bromwell! Originally created in 1819, and patented in 1930, this completely fits into any retro or vintage kitchen decor collection!

Unlike other modern-day look-a-likes and chintzy wannabees, this actually IS “your grandmother’s flour sifter” because it’s made the way we made American kitchen cookware in the “old days…” That is, BUILT TO LAST!

Jacob Bromwell has a 100% Lifetime Guarantee! Many of you may be pleased to know that this product is made in the USA (in their Indiana facility).

Bromwell Flour Sifter Sizes

The sifter comes in 2 sizes – a 5-cup, or 3-cup size.

The 5-cup model uses a 4-wire stainless steel agitator, while the 3-cup model uses a 2-wire agitator. Both are hand-cranked.

You can purchase it in the original tin material, or upgrade to today’s stainless steel, which many people also enjoy. This is a top-rated product, and if you are looking for a wonderful addition to your own kitchenware collection or to give as a gift, you need look no further than the famous Bromwell Sifter!

Click the image below to visit the Jacob Bromwell products page for their “American Heritage” Kitchen Collection!

See the Old Fashioned Flour Sifters by Jacob Bromwell at their American Heritage Collection

Old fashioned Flour Sifter by Jacob Bromwell

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