$1,275 E-Glide SS Electric Bicycle AMAZON FREE SHIPPING

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Get the E-Glide SS Electric Bike at Amazon for $1,275 and FREE SHIPPING!  Also, you get FREE Professional Bike Assembly! (Perfect for people like me who need assistance).

This is seriously the nicest looking electric commuter bike option that I’ve seen in quite a while, and it’s getting RAVE reviews! BTW: This is coming from the oldest US manufacturer of electric skateboards – they’ve been at this for 30 years!

E-Glide SS Electric Bicycle Amazon

E-Glide SS Electric Bicycle Amazon

Of course you can head over to the product page HERE to see them for yourself, but I’ve also created a partial screenshot of the top review (see below – scroll to below the E-Glide SS Electric Bike review video) – this guy definitely spells everything out – the pros, the cons, and even puts a photo of himself using it.

I couldn’t get the ENTIRE review in a single screenshot because his review is really long – but you can click on the image and you’ll go right to the product page and see everything he has to see.

Or: Head to the Amazon Page: www.amazon.com (E-Glide SS Electric Bicycle)

Single Speed Electric Bike

By the way, the “SS” means “Single Speed.” I like this – no derailleur to fix. I know a little bit (very little) about this because I once spent almost 5 months cycling around New Zealand in the days long before electric bikes were around. I spent a lot of time messing with my derailleurs (not to mention tires – but that’s another story).

What is also encouraging to me with this bike is that the folks at E-Glide have made this bike for EVERYONE. NOTE: They have the drop frame model for those of us (like yours truly) who is a little shorter (See the E-Glide SS Plus Drop Frame Electric Bike HERE).

Regardless of the model you choose, the E-Glide is lightweight and user-friendly. The frame, motor, battery, electronics are warranted for a full year.

Employing 6061 Billet aluminum for the construction of its frame, makers of this non-pedal machine have created an electric bike that is both light and durable. Billet aluminum is used to make parts for airplanes after all, and airplanes must be light but endure high altitude rigors and rough weather.

The E-Glide reaches 20 miles per/hour and goes for 50 miles on a charge using a Samsung cell, always reliable and one of the market’s safest brands of battery. A magnetic sensor provides 12 possible speeds. The front sprocket has 48 teeth – good for hard riders. Tires are Kendra 700 x 28C. The motor is very quiet; not like riding a scooter.

NOTE: This is currently in PRE ORDER! Pre-Order the E-Glide SS Electric Bicycle at Amazon HERE (Expected ship date is mid to late October – so not long now!) You’ll be able to choose bright green or black for this sporty option.

E-Glide SS Electric Bicycle Review Amazon

E-Glide SS Electric Bicycle Review Amazon