$20 Off Dentist Be Damned! (Basically a How to Cure Tooth Decay Book)

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Dentist be Damned! a Cure tooth decay book

Dentist be Damned! a Cure tooth decay book

Hi all – The 65 page eBook called “Dentist Be Damned!” is, essentially a how to cure to cure tooth decay book outlining the author’s protocol and experience in reversing cavities and how to remineralize teeth naturally.

The normal price is $47 for the book, which, if you’re looking long-term is a fairly inexpensive investment when it comes to teeth. Our link will bring you right over to a discounted page where you can get the eBook for only $27!

Lots of Research & References Cited

You could probably do all the research in bits and pieces on your own, but this eBook pretty much ties all the alternative dental care suggestions into one place. If you’ve read some of my blog entries about my own dental care and concerns, you’ll see why this is a hot topic for me, and you’ll also understand how important it is for me to find natural dentistry practices since I’ve had some less-than-stellar experiences with the dentist over the years.

It’s not that I despise dentists – I don’t, and I’ve also found comfort in their care – it’s just that some of the stuff they insist on and have tried to have me do has resulted in my wondering about why they were suggesting these things to me. So, yeah, I guess you could say I’ve developed a bit of a “dentist phobia” (which is actually a real fear!). And, it sounds to me like the author also had a bit of dental phobia herself, which is part of her reason for writing this.

I’ll write more about the eBook and my own reasons for going the more alternative and natural approach in days to come because I want to give a balanced review for you. But if you are at all interested in going a more natural route to your own dental care, and you’d like to jump in and see for yourself, it’s worth the $27 considering the effort the author put into pulling all the info together.

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