25% off the Coleman Camp Oven!

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I’m on a bit of a Coleman camp oven kick right now, because when we lost power the other night, we used our own camp oven (also called a “box oven”) by many, to prep our meal since we’d obviously be cooking with no power for the evening. Our own oven is a lot older, but after the lights came back on and I was looking at it in the light of day, it occurred to me that we could probably use a little updated version.

This one is currently (at the time of this writing in June 2016) 25% off the original price of $38.99 – now listed at $29.09. I don’t know how long this sale lasts, but even at the original price, it’s a good deal.

And so that’s what made me search on Amazon to see what they had, and they have the very trusty, ever-reliable Coleman Camp Oven! And, it’s very affordable too! I notice that this little workhorse has well over 350 reviews on Amazon – almost all of them excellent! My husband has used box ovens in remote field camps for many years – I daresay 25+ years – and swears by them. Obviously, they are not back-packing ovens, but are absolutely perfect for all other types of camping, and of course, for home use when the power goes out.

Excellent addition to your camping kitchen! Give this a try! Excellent for a gift as well.

Get the Camp Oven at Amazon –> Coleman Camp Oven (Box Oven) HERE

Coleman Camp Oven - Box Oven - Cooking with no power