26% OFF! Duracraft DC-514 5 Drawer Tool Cabinet – ONLY $279.54 (including S/H)

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BOOM! Outstanding Deal on this Duracraft DC-514 5 Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet at Amazon! On sale for $275 + $4.54 shipping! (The original price was marked at $372!) Duracraft is one of the top names in the tool business, supplying professionals and home-based consumers with reliable storage for their expensive equipment.

Whether you want to keep tools handy for DIY projects and caring for your home independently or you are running a professional workshop, these guys are experts in their industry, providing the kind of durable construction that some consumers believed was a thing of the past.


Check out the Duracraft DC-514 5 Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet at Amazon! Click the Image to go directly to the product page!

Structure that Lasts

Instead of buying cheap drawers every few years, invest in a cabinet that will be with you for a lifetime. The Duracraft DC-514 5 Drawer Tool Cabinet is large enough to hold most tools for the home if they are handheld items plus accessories that go with them. Are you tired of recycling old containers or having to root through a tote to find your hammer? Keep it safe and organized in one of five drawers.

Secure Tools

Not only can you organize items effectively, but protect them against thievery and bad weather. Lock the drawer from the outside. Good tools are an investment so treat them accordingly.

Sturdy Build

The sidewalls of this cabinet are also reinforced, providing reassurance that your cabinet won’t become dented by tools that slide around. They can’t be accessed from the outside either unless a thief, having been thwarted by the lock, carries heavy-duty electric tools for cutting through serious metal.

The Full Extent of Efficiency

Drawers can be pulled out to their full extent so that consumers don’t have to root around blindly with their hands in search of those small pieces they can’t see. That’s frustrating, a waste of time, and can be dangerous too. Long horizontal handles form ergonomic handles spanning the length of this 14-inch roller cabinet.

Wheeled Ride

Take your tools on a trip across the workshop by pushing them on casters. This way, you aren’t going back and forth for one or two items at a time when your particular job is far from the usual storage site.

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