30% OFF Arf Pets DOG CRATE – 36″ Soft Crate – Indoor AND Outdoor Use

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Another wonderful Arf Pets coupon code – 30% off the Arf Pets Dog Crate (soft side) ONLY at SkyMall.com – one of my favorite online catalogs! Check out this 36″ soft crate, the Arf Pets Dog Crate is great for indoor and outdoor use, and is good for pets up to 70 pounds.

The Arf Pets Dog Soft Crate has 3 doors and collapsible bars with those retractable springs that make it very easy to setup and store. We were pretty impressed from the looks of the photos too.

The crate folds up for easy transport as well. Use also as a travel carrier (it does have straps). Check out the photo below for the specs – actually, just click the image, and you’ll be taken right to the product page! There you’ll see the slides showing all the positions for the crate. Very nice!

(By the way, this gets excellent reviews – even on Amazon. In this case, it’s CHEAPER at SkyMall thanks to this 30% off coupon code! But if you want to see the product reviews from Amazon, click HERE for the product page – and you can compare prices too – and you’ll see that with the 30% off SkyMall coupon code, that’s $24 off, bringing your price down to $55.99! And don’t forget – you get SkyMall REWARDS POINTS!)

SkyMall Arf Pets Dog Crate 36 inches Soft Side coupon code