$40.28 for 2 Months Supply of ZetaClear Toenail Fungus Treatment

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I just learned that if you buy ZetaClear on Amazon, you’ll save money on a 2 month supply of ZetaClear Toenail Fungus Treatment and NOT need to be on an autoship program that you would have to monitor. Right now, I see a 2 month supply for $40.28 which includes the .33-cents they have for shipping.

I sometimes find Amazon is less expensive than the actual merchant website – but you can compare the two! For example, check out the offer at the actual website: http://www.ZetaClear.com  and compare it to the Amazon listing here (or click the Amazon photo below): https://www.amazon.com/ZetaClear-Fungus-Topical-Treatment-Solution  You can see that you don’t need any special ZetaClear coupons or anything – and if you buy on Amazon at all (I buy a LOT on Amazon since where I live I don’t have access to great deals or much variety in shopping), you really can shop in confidence since they run a pretty darned tight ship! I have more info below the photo…Zetaclear Toenail Fungus Treatment Anti-Fungal - Amazon


Basically, the merchant’s website shows a number of options with stuff like “free bottle” etc, and you do need to be sure you see all the terms and conditions – which I have shown you here in the screenshot below- just so you are really clear on what to expect (you can click the photo to go to the official ZetaClear.com site). I am doing this to be sure to give you a balanced view and opportunity to see the 2 primary places where you can go and try ZetaClear.

I did notice at the official website that there was no spot for any ZetaClear coupon code since I went through the motions of ordering. If you do buy off the official site, and buy a number of bottles, you can get a pretty good deal if you’re buying more than 2.

One more “small print” notice – at the official website, right under the purchase options, in VERY TINY print – just above the terms and conditions – is an eenie weeny box that gives you the option to DECLINE “insurance” – so if you do NOT check that box, you MAY be charged $1.98 for insurance. That box is very easy to miss! You can see it in the screenshot below. So, just be sure that you are aware of the various terms.

Now, go take care of that yucky toenail fungus! Between the Amazon listing here and the official ZetaClear.com site here, you should be able to find the right purchasing solution for you! Have a great day and thanks for reading. I so hope this was helpful to you!

Zetaclear Toenail Fungus Treatment Anti-Fungal - terms and conditions