About IQ2 Nootropics Coupon and Promo Codes (20% off code inside)

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Coupon Details

A bottle of iQ2 Nootropic supplements will cost $59.95 for one or $49.95 on automatic delivery. You could buy a lot of brain food for that money, but what if there was a way to lower the price? Say you could take off a few dollars or 20%?

iQ2 Coupon Codes

There are two active codes currently available for this product, featured in this section of our site. When you apply one to your purchase of iQ2 Nootropic supplements, the affiliate will earn commission from the sale.

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Dollar or Percent

Choose from the following: a $5-off coupon or 20% off your purchase. It seems like a no-brainer that you would select the latter of these as it amounts to more than the first, but perhaps one can apply the $5-off coupon later when the other one has been used.

Math Brain

After doing a little bit of math, here is what the price of a bottle of 60 capsules would cost using the $5 coupon: $44.95 per month or $54.95 for a one-off purchase. If you were to use the 20% discount instead, savings are more significant (and that’s the coupon code we’re including here – but it expires 12/1/17, so note the date). One-fifth of $49.95 is $9.99; 20% of $59.95 equals $11.99. According to the first set of figures, that would bring the total down to $39.96. The second set leaves you with $47.96.

Saving Over Time

Obviously, taking advantage of the free trial offer would be better than spending $47.96 to try a product that might not work for you or, worse, contain something you are allergic to. Your smartest bet, if this is seriously something you wish to try, is to take advantage of the trial then, if you like what iQ2 does for your brain, sign up for automatic delivery, applying the 20% discount, if that’s possible.

Unfortunately, the codes do not state if they can be applied to either of these offers.

Watch for the Expiration Dates on the Codes

Look out for expiry dates on iQ2 coupons, both to avoid disappointment but also as an indication of any future deals that might come your way. Past deals have included even bigger savings. Shipping is always free. Shop Here Now!

iQ2 Free Trial Offer

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