All MAGNETIC FRIDGE FRONTS are ON SALE Now at Best Appliance Skins

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I just discovered that all the magnetic magnetic appliance skins (at – formerly called “Fridge Fronts*”) are ON SALE! There are some extremely good savings now – and remember that they aren’t JUST for refrigerators anymore. Best Appliance Skins now has the magnetic covers for dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers – and even the sides of the appliances.

Fridge Front Coupons - Magnetic Refrigerator and Dishwasher CoversNow, one thing that some folks ask about is “What if my appliance isn’t magnetic? Is there something that I could use to dress them up? Do you have covers for non magnetic appliances?”

The answer is YES! Best Appliance Skins now offers a type of “wrap,” or “skin” – a peel and stick application – and something you can re-position too! This will NOT leave any yukky glue adhesive or any other type of residue when you take them off. Perfect solution, no matter what type of appliances you have!

Fridge Fronts/Best Appliance Skins Update: No coupon code is needed – and I had communications with the company, and they assured me that there are no codes out there are being offered at this time since these are such great sale prices as it is. So please shop in confidence.


(*Note: “Fridge Fronts” is the same awesome company – it’s just that the name has been changed to Best Appliance Skins to be more in tune with their expanded product line. They started out as providers of magnetic and vinyl refrigerator wraps, but it quickly became evident that customers wanted even more! They wanted to cover their dishwashers, dryers, and washing machines too! So, they changed the name and website to reflect that, and that’s why it’s now!:) )

All MAGNETIC FRIDGE FRONTS are ON SALE Now at Best Appliance Skins
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