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Looking for a thick book or a thin read? Maybe you want a classic or a new novel. Wireless technology brings more books to you in more places. Although books are, of course, cordless, they tend to be weighty and awkward when you get through one every day or two on a 7-day holiday.

Here’s the latest e reader to hit online shelves and free up the literature lover in your life from her heavy bag of stories; the Amazon Kindle Oasis. Its claim to fame is a light, skinny frame.

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Lighter and Thinner than Ever

Amazon Kindle Oasis In Hand

The Kindle is already a compact, WiFi compatible, portable device that lets you read all your favorite literature without carrying around a book bag. There’s no need for wires either. What’s great about the Kindle (at least, one of the many great features) is that it’s so much lighter than before.

The Kindle Oasis became even skinnier but retains a 6-inch screen for easy reading. We all know technology is getting smaller and smaller without losing its capacity to give consumers what they want.

Amazon is passing on their top tech to avid readers who love to dive into a book wherever they are. Since it weighs so little, nothing is stopping you from traveling with a new story or an old friend.

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Ergonomic Education

When a high-tech device feels good in your hands, it gets used. You might forget you’re holding anything at all as you become immersed in a good plot. This Kindle from Amazon is tapered so the left side is thinner than the right, the right being where you need something to grip. Use buttons on that right side to turn virtual pages. It’s not built like a regular tablet because it isn’t one. Recognize the Oasis and a kindred spirit instantly.

Battery Life and Enhanced Longevity

You could read for hours, but not if the battery is ready to die before the antagonist takes his last breath. This version of the Kindle supplies longer-lasting power after you recharge the cell fully. Get the most out of a reading session and get lost in the lives of heroes and heroines.

Find your relief from the stress of daily life in this oasis of entertainment. In fact, Amazon promises the cell can hold on for months of reading. Amazon uses two batteries to drive this system. To recharge, just snap the Kindle Oasis and cover together and plug them in.

Attractive Technology

Amazon Kindle Oasis

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Amazon’s Kindle Oasis comes in black, but the charging cover made from leather is available in three classic shades. Select one for yourself or as a gift in black, walnut, or merlot which will remind you to pour a glass of red wine, always good with a tense story. This is a charging cover attached by magnets. Open up your “book” with this magnetized item and close the cover to say goodnight to your fictional friends.

Fantastic Display

An oasis mirage always seems so crisp and clear in the middle of a desert before it dissolves into the sand. This Oasis always provides clear, high-definition resolution with a sharp 300ppi display. Even if you’re reading under the light of high sunshine, your eyes will feel like they are reading straight from the pages of a book; the glare is gone.

Lighting is adjustable to accommodate readers’ needs in darker situations. It’s going to be much harder spotting a bookworm as she turns the pages under her covers late into the night; mom and dad will be looking for the flashlight you don’t need anymore.

That onboard light contains many more LED bulbs than previously, facilitating backseat reading during a long drive or by the meager light of the moon when you are camping. Although the light is as bright as you need it, the glow won’t hurt your eyes.

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Amazon Kindle Oasis