Aspire 0.27 Ohm Cleito Coils For The K4 Quick Start Kit $11.86 5-Pack

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I was having a tough time finding the Aspire 0.27 Ohm Cleito coils that came with the Aspire K4 Quick Start Kit, and I finally found them. I love the K4 Kit.

There are numerous stores that sell the 0.2 and 0.4, but this kit was specifically made for the 0.27.

I thought about trying the 0.2 or 0.4, but then I saw this forum reply, and I already have quite a few Cleito coils, so I am glad I found these. Grab them while they are in stock! Not many stores carry these (most seemed to be from Chinese locations). I just stocked up and got 10, and another K4 Kit.

I looked around, and couldn’t find them from any of the stores I usually shop at, as I was searching for 0.27 ohm cleito coils, and then I decided to check the website where I actually bought the K4 kit, and voila, found them!

They are cool over there too. I was wondering where an order was, and then I checked my phone, and they had called 3 times to check if another color would be OK for my iPV5 mod, which was totally cool. I didn’t mind it being slightly later than expected, and it was still shipped pretty fast!

Anyways, if you are a first time customer at My Freedom Smokes, you’ll get 15% off with this promo code, making it $11.86 for the 5-Pack