Save 5% on Austin Air Allergy Machine air purifier (with coupon code)

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YOU SAVE 5% on the Austin Air Allergy Machine (using the Air-Purifiers-America coupon code). You also get FREE SHIPPING!

Okay – for starters, let’s look at why this makes the list of one of the best air purifiers for asthma and allergies:

Austin Air Allergy Machine Review

For allergy and asthma sufferers the Allergy Machine by Austin Air is a welcome addition to the multitude of other air purifiers on the market. With excellent reviews from those suffering from breathing difficulties this purifier is well worth the price (which compares very favorably with other units on the market which have not received such excellent reviews).

The Allergy Machine has been tested to provide relief (and just nice, clean air) in rooms up to 1500 square foot. And, according to Air Purifiers America, this little powerhouse moves more air through its filter than any other Austin Air air purifier.

HEGA Filtration

Equipped with a ‘HEGA filter’ (that is not a typo! It is “HEGA”)which boasts an ‘Activated Military Carbon Cloth’ and in excess of 60 sq ft of Medical Grade HEPA this is a machine that has earned its reputation as one of the best that money can buy. The much respected ‘High Efficiency Gas Absorption’ (HEGA) filter is designed to remove air contaminants before they trigger asthma or allergic reactions, making for a better night’s sleep and all round quality of life for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Austin Air Allergy Machine Review

What does it clean?

The Allergy Machine by Austin Air can deal with a wide variety of airborne pollutants, including those that have been identified as contributing to the symptoms of asthma and a lower quality of life for individuals with this condition.

The ‘Austin Air’ unit is able to clean air that has been contaminated with small to medium particles, including mold particles, plant spores and pollen – the most common causes of allergic reactions and the trigger particles for conditions such as hay fever.

This unit will even remove contaminants such as bacteria and viruses with ease thanks to a four stage filtration system. The addition of a washable pre-filter also means a longer life cycle for the unit as well as a guarantee of cleaner air 24/7.

Good news for those who want to enjoy a spring fresh environment and superior air quality is that this model will also improve the quality of air by removing odors caused by smoking, as well as harsh chemical smells (including ammonia).

An Air Purifier Made in the USA

Having products made here in the USA has become more and more important to people. They are interested in preserving jobs, and keeping their money here. This is one of the many reasons for the Austin’s popularity. It is, in fact, made in the USA.


The Allergy Machine by Austin Air offers one of the most comprehensive guarantees of any air purifier. Suppliers usually offer a thirty day money back, no quibble guarantee, as well as a five year mechanical warranty and a five year pro rated filter warranty – all indications of the quality of this popular air purifying unit.

It’s also available in four different colors to suit your home. So, the Austin Air “Allergy Machine” makes our list of one of the best air purifiers for asthma AND allergies. Check it out at www.Air-Purifiers-America HERE (Link takes you directly to the product page.) And, you can also see more details in this video!