Awesome! Cosmic Fog = Cosmic Flavors At Direct Vapor! GREAT PRICES + Free Shipping!

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Cosmic Fog has been a major contributor to the e juice scene for almost five years and has continued to offer high-quality flavors to discerning vapers from their location in California.

Many of their vans shop at Direct Vapor where Cosmic Fog is among the dozens of brands on a gourmet menu. Some names come and go, but Cosmic Fog has endured.

Here is one of their latest offerings: Chill’d Tobacco

A New Menthol for Traditional Vapers

Those who are new to vaping or to Cosmic Fog might not realize that tobacco and menthol flavors have been overshadowed lately by sweet options like desserts, candies, and authentic-tasting fruity blends featuring apple, citrus, or grape. Customers in the sub-ohm category particularly love the thicker styles like custard or cereal and milk, but there is still a huge contingent of vapers who want that tobacco or menthol taste they associate with smoking, only cleaner. Since Cosmic Fog rarely releases a new flavor, one has to wonder if they are seeing a new trend emerge: a return to the early days of e juice.

What is this New Flavor?

The two main features of Chill’d Tobacco are a mild tobacco and peppermint. Peppermint is a lovely, chilly flavor with a hint of vanilla and sweetness not noticeable in regular mint. Mild tobacco complements peppermint to create a moderate but tasty overall style which will grow more intense if you let it age a little bit.

Cosmic Fog at Direct Vapor

Direct Vapor carries bottles of this great new flavor for $23.95; a good price given the bottle size of 60 ml. That is less than 50₵ per milliliter. Since this is a 30/70 blend, you can use it with your high-watt, sub ohm kits.

Other Cosmic Fog flavors generally come in 30-ml bottles for an exceptionally low price of $15.95 (just over 50₵ per ml) with no shipping either. Select 0, 3, 6, or 12 mg of nicotine. Customers have reviewed offerings such as Chewberry, Milk & Honey, Euphoria, and Nutz to high acclaim. Consider buying a single bottle or browse sampler kits offered by Direct Vapor.