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We just learned about the unique Boba line of baby and toddler carriers – The Boba Baby WRAP is the initial model – which carries the baby from birth (including preemies) up to 45 pounds (yes, they say up to 45 pounds!). That’s what we’re featuring here… The Wrap is not only a wonderful carrier that encourages the close physical bonding that is so important for babies and their parents, but its design is also perfect for breast-feeding mothers.


There are no buckles or straps either – and the way it ties is so awesome that it doesn’t get loose – so, in other words you’re not constantly re-tying it! (By the way, see the TWO videos below this post to show you the tying instructions, and then how to put baby into the wrap – prepare for “AWWWW” moment!)  – To view and/or purchase the Boba Baby Wrap, Click HERE (or click the photo to the right).Boba Baby Wrap - Boba baby carrier reviews are EXCELLENT

I want to add something that might be important to some parents – particularly moms who may feel that due to weight gain, that the Boba might not “fit.” Rest assured, that according to the company itself, the Boba Baby Wrap is designed to fit men and women of all shapes and sizes, and has an ample 5 yards of material!

Also remember that Boba has a VERY easy return policy in the unlikely event that it doesn’t work for you.

At $39.95 plus FREE SHIPPING, and shipped from Boba itself, the deal at Amazon is a clear winner. 

Boba 4G Baby Carrier - Boba baby carrier reviews are EXCELLENT

Buy the Boba 4G Baby Carrier here at Amazon!

OKAY – now there IS another Boba model for toddlers that bears mentioning! This is the Boba 4G Carrier – good for little ones up to 48 months. This one you can use as a FRONT carrier – for babies 7 – 25 pounds, and then switch it to a BACK carrier, for babies and toddlers from 25 – 45 pounds.

The Boba 4G comes with an “infant insert” that the older, 3G model did NOT come with. The insert makes it easier to use the carrier at different ages/growth of baby without needing to buy new carriers. Very ingenious! This one is $124.99 plus FREE SHIPPING and is sold and shipped by Amazon (but Boba representatives answer questions at the Amazon listing). If you are interested in the Boba 4G, click HERE.

(Note, you cannot buy these carriers from the Boba website). 


Here are 2 official Boba Baby Wrap videos – the first one shows you how to tie the wrap, the the second shows you how to position Baby into the wrap. 🙂