CHEAP Travel Insurance! Get Travelex Insurance and Protect Your Trip


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If you are looking for some cheap travel insurance (actually let’s use the word “affordable!”) we have something you might like. I didn’t used to think travel insurance was that big a deal until I nearly saw my dad lose well over $600 on a trip because something unexpected happened that prevented his travel. This made me re-think my opinion, and I began to investigate the options. Travelex Insurance is one of those options, and depending on what your plans are, you can protect your trip (and investment, when it comes right down to it) for as little as $20 (they say – I didn’t see a quote that low for me, but I believe age and the overall cost of your travel is what determines this).
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It’s very easy to get a quote. When you go to the site (click here to see it in a different window), at the top of the page you’ll see a tab labeled “Get a Quote.” So, simply click on that, and fill out your details – age, where you live, how much your trip costs, and your travel dates – and click on “Get Quote” – and your estimated travel insurance cost, along with the benefits of each plan pops up below. At that point you can order.

The plans are different depending on whether you are traveling for Leisure, Business or Flight (which you choose at the left hand side of where the plans are listed).

The way I see it, we all work really hard for our money and those vacations that we plan – and to see the investment just slip away because of an emergency or other situation is not necessary. Please check out Travelex Insurance for your peace of mind! In the meantime, here’s a demo for the site!

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