Code Gives 50% off! This is our SECOND ORDER… Because We Notice it WORKING!!


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Coupon Details

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Hi folks! Catalase Now coupon code alert for 50% OFF! That is the BEST deal we’ve found. I just put in my husband’s and my 2nd order of Catalase Now, and I made a screenshot to show you (below) – the code is really easy to apply, and by the way, they take PayPal also which is great if you don’t feel like digging out a credit card! FREE SHIPPING TOO! 🙂

Also, I should say that this is one of the easiest sites I’ve ever done business with. 1…2…3… just like that – Boom! Order in, and I’m back to work!

Why We Ordered Catalase Now

Anyway, the reason we are ordering it again is… well, as much as my husband SAYS he doesn’t care whether or not he has less hair than when he was younger, and SAYS he doesn’t care about grey hair, the fact of the matter is that we are noticing less grey, and more hair growth on the top of his noggin! Even he noticed it.

You might recall that this product USED to be called “Getaway Grey” or GetawayGrey” or something like that – but they had to change the name because for some reason you aren’t allowed to make claims that something helps get rid of grey hair.

So now, they just say that it is a supplement containing the Catalase enzyme (that is naturally produced in our own cells) to help break down hydrogen peroxide, and to help support better looking hair naturally (we have an article here on the site about Catalase if you want to read it – CLICK HERE to read the article).

Catalase Now Coupon Code for 50 Percent off and Free Shipping SCREENSHOT

We Purchased Catalase Now with our Own Money

In preparation for a full Catalase Now review from REAL users (and we were NOT given the product – we purchased it just like you), we’ve been using the product for about 4 or 5 months or so.

And I hate to say we forget to take it some evenings after dinner (because I’m using it too), but we do forget. Fortunately, most nights we remember (you’re supposed to take it after a meal – and now we leave it on the kitchen counter so that we don’t forget as much!).

Anyway, a few months ago, I took some “before” photos of my husband so that we would have a starting point. It’s kind of hard for me to photograph any changes to my own hair, because I have blonde hair – and if it were getting grey, it would be hard to really tell.

I can say that my hair has a “fine” or thin texture, and is prone to splitting and breaking once it hits a certain length. But I can at least attest to saying my hair is a little stronger. At least it seems so, because it’s grown longer than I’ve been able to grow it in recent years, so perhaps the Catalase Now is helping with that!

But the most striking changes are in my husband’s new growth and lessened “salt and pepper.” I also noticed his mustache is less grey, so perhaps it’s helping as that grows in. I’

So, that’s the long version of me saying – try Catalase Now, and use this coupon code to take 50% off! I have no idea how long the company will honor this code, but it definitely worked for me just 5 minutes ago!