Consider a Gift of “Sun Basket” Home Meal Delivery! $30 OFF!

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It is nearly impossible for me to find anything critical to say about Sun Basket, except that they aren’t on the East Coast yet! 🙂 Truly, every single person here on the team has their collective mouths watering over this company. (Psst! Check it out – $30 OFF! Click our image just below to the right!)

So, because they are so fabulous, I wanted to just put an idea out there for my western United States friends: Why not surprise your family and loved ones with a new approach to meal time? ESPECIALLY if you are busy!

With an average cost of only $11.49 per meal per person, I can assure you that this is a far better option for almost all of us (unless we just want to live on hot dogs, which cost less, but… if you’re reading this, I’m guessing that hot dogs are NOT an option for you, and I’m grateful for that!)

Okay – let’s get serious. Let’s say you want to give this a go – which I hope you do! AND, this is just a sample, because you don’t have to go with a full subscription if you don’t want. Let’s just go with the example of a weekly delivery of fresh pre–measured ingredients and 3 recipes.

So, you would choose your own recipes for the weeks that you want – OR you could just let the folks at Sun Basket do all the thinking and selecting for you – for example, you could get the Chef’s Choice (where they do the choosing), a vegetarian option, a Paleo option (which is gaining rapidly in popularity), and of course they have gluten-free as well.

As we mentioned, meals cost $11.49 per person.
If you went with a 2–person plan, you’re looking at only $68.94/week! I spend more than that in TIME as I shop for groceries!
4–person plan: $137.88/week
6–person plan: $206.82/week
And, of course you can skip any week or cancel at any time!

I so very much want to be able to take advantage of this program. I believe that as their business grows, they may be able to expand in different areas, which would be so wonderful.

Anyway, again, KUDOS to Sun Basket for one of THE most novel and healthiest ways to eat well without taking hours out of our own days. 🙂