Ol’ Fashioned COTTON TOWEL Bath Mats! FINALLY! $15.99 for 2 on Amazon

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The lack of my ability to find regular old-fashioned cotton bath mats in the store, like the simple hotel bath mat you see everywhere, has been driving me bonkers… FINALLY I found a decent set of 2 by Pacific Linens on Amazon HERE for only $15.99. I get free shipping because I’m an Amazon Prime member.

Note that if you aren’t a Prime member, all you need to do is get your Amazon purchase up to $35 or so on a qualified item, and your shipping will probably be free too.

Anyway, back to the bath mat. It really drives me nuts that the simplest of bathroom accessories should be so difficult to find. I used to get my non-fancy cotton towel bath mats at Walmart or TJ Maxx, but they only have more “rug” style mats and memory foam style mats these days – neither of which I like.

Sorry for the rant, but I figured that if I were having trouble finding this very basic bathroom item, maybe some of you have had trouble too! Something told me, “Well, Kath, you find just about everything else on Amazon, maybe they have these mats.” Sure enough, they did!

So, this is the one for me – enough 5-star ratings to tell me that this thing isn’t going to fall apart after 2 washings.

BTW: Even though I just go with regular white, they do have a few colors. And, sure, you can get more expensive ones too (and there are actually more choices than I thought there would be), but I really only needed a simple hotel bath mat.

End of rant! If you are looking for just regular cotton towel style bath mats, here they are by Pacific Linens! Check Them Out HERE (or click on the photo, and it will bring you right to the product page!).