DING! Get Ring DoorBot Doorbell – Shark Tank Said NO – Sir Richard Branson said YES!

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I LOVE a happy ending to a Shark Tank story – and in this case, it’s about the Ring DoorBot Doorbell! Actually, it’s not even called “DoorBot” anymore, so I need to unstick my mind on this. It’s now called “Ring” and you can get it at Amazon here (with Free Shipping) – but I have to tell you the reason I’m so excited about this today and why we’re celebrating, giving a feature to the folks at Ring with their Ring Video Doorbell – the latest technology to help improve home security, beginning at the front door.

Ring DoorBot Video Doorbell

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Ring (aka DoorBot) on Shark Tank

You see, when the original Shark Tank episode aired in 2013 (Season 5, Episode 9), the DoorBot (now “Ring”) CEO Jamie Siminoff left without securing a deal, because he felt that Kevin O’Leary’s offer was just not enough. Jamie came in seeing a $700,000 investment in return for a 10% share in the company (which would have valued DoorBot at $7 Million)

After each shark dropped out for a variety of reasons, Kevin O’Leary wound up offering a $700,000 LOAN. But that’s not all. He wanted 10% of the company’s sales until the loan was paid back. THEN he wanted 7% on sales thereafter in perpetuity, and then getting 5% equity share in the company itself. Jamie just couldn’t do it.

I well remember that episode, and thinking that it was such a cool, forward-thinking product, and asking myself, “WHY didn’t the sharks jump on that!?”

Well, it’s now obvious that the sharks didn’t get in because Jamie Siminoff at Ring needed to wait just a little bit longer for the amazing day where Sir Richard Branson entered the picture! As it turns out Sir Richard just happened to be sitting next to someone who was on vacation at Sir Richard Branson’s island.

This is where the magic happens…

The person also happened to be a Ring customer, and was in the midst of being notified that a UPS delivery person was at his door – in San Francisco – but had no idea that the person who appeared to be home, talking to the delivery guy was actually on an island somewhere far from the actual house. The article where I found this story says that Sir Richard Branson was completely hooked, and now he is a big investor in Ring!

And, the kicker is: Because Sir Branson came into this round of funding, the money raised was $28 Million – putting the valuation of Ring currently at $60 Million! 🙂 

Isn’t this a great story? You can read the article here…  and again – Buy the Ring (DoorBot) HERE

Here is a video from TheStreet digital business and financial news group that tells the story: