ENROLL NOW! Dr. Michael Beckwith LIFE VISIONING Process

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This Life Visioning Process class with Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith takes place over 6 weeks!

I’m really psyched to announce that one of my favorite currently practicing spiritual teachers, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, will be starting a new class called Visioning – it’s all about the Visioning Process, and it’s brought to you by MindValley.com – a global leader in online self-improvement and spiritual resources.

Okay, there are 2 ways you can get the detailed info about Visioning – here is the in-depth course description -> CLICK HERE  so you can read and note for yourself what is entailed and what you’ll be learning.

Dr Michael Beckwith Life Visioning Process webinar replay

Click to watch the replay of the Dr. Michael Beckwith Life Visioning Process webinar

The other way is to watch this webinar that was recently recorded – and in this, you’ll be able to see and hear Dr. Beckwith and his style. You’ll also hear him disclose some tough details about his own experiences in life that brought him where he is now. WATCH THE WEBINAR HERE NOW

It was almost 10 years ago that I first heard Dr. Michael Beckwith when I watched a movie that – at the time – was pretty ground-breaking since it wasn’t widely discussed among anyone I personally knew. It was “The Secret,” and it introduced the concept of the Law of Attraction, and from there my journey was directed towards more serious study of the Science of Mind, and the power our conscious and subconscious minds.

It is perhaps because I have a deep interest in the science of religion that I feel a connection to Dr. Beckwith – he is an ordained Science of Mind minister (I’m a student of Dr. Ernest Holmes’ teachings, the basis of Science of Mind), and the founder of  Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, California, which is an interfaith congregation.

And Dr. Beckwith has a way of explaining and teaching that is difficult for me to articulate. His warmth, sincerity, and integrity as a teacher is second to none. When I listen to Dr. Beckwith, I’m filled with a sense that I’m in the presence of a truly illumined individual.  If you haven’t yet heard of Dr. Beckwith, please know that he is a beloved spiritual teacher who comes highly recommended by other renowned teachers such as Dr. Deepak Chopra and Ram Dass (I well remember him from Be Here Now), among others.

And that’s why I hope you’ll spend the time to listen to this webinar replay – so that you can get a glimpse of how he can help you. He’s so real, and I love his style more than almost any other modern teacher. (By the way: there are few other teachers that I really like as well – and there are a few whose courses or products I wouldn’t spend a dime on. And if I cannot, in good faith, feel good about a teacher or program, I cannot promote them on this website.)

Note as you tune in to the webinar replay, that there is a bit of an introduction – with Asha Gill from Mindvalley – who speaks for about 10 minutes, talking about how Dr. Michael Beckwith had helped a number of students with his teachings.

Then, just after about 10 minutes you meet Dr. Beckwith. I watched the webinar, and could feel possibilities that I had forgotten about.

I love how he talks about how so many of us have an “Intention Deficit” disorder. How perfect! How true! How many of us REALLY understand how to envision our lives? How many of us REALLY understand that the Universe IS on our side?

Please take a look at the Dr. Michael Beckwith Life Visioning Process – if you are even just a little curious, I think you may like what you see.

Check it out here: Dr. Michael Beckwith Life Visioning Process

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