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The air we breathe outside the home is heavy with toxins we can’t see. Most of us expect to inhale them while walking down a busy city street as exhaust pours out of cars and people exhale germs or cigarette smoke as we walk by. What we do not expect is to be breathing them when we come home at the end of the day.

Healthy Home Base

Home should be a healthy haven but so often it is not; we’re assailed and beset by these same poisons plus allergens and plain old dirt hovering in the air around us. They are in our living rooms, bedrooms, and the kitchen.

More children suffer from asthma now than ever before. Illnesses abound which cost the healthcare system billions of dollars to treat but which could be prevented if we only knew how to do it.

How can we avoid inhaling the tiny particles that make us sick and rob us of quality of life when we can’t even see them? We install an air purifier such as the Drevel D-850.

The Dreval D-850 Air Purifier

Dreval D-850

You can have 99.9% cleaner air for about $400. The Dreval D-850 removes virtually everything that could irritate your lungs, cause allergies to flare up, or make you sick with a cold or flu.

Individuals with chronic lung diseases and conditions, parents of very young children, and caregivers of very old people are recommended to install air purifiers in their homes, especially the rooms where people congregate most.

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What Are We Fighting?

Tiny particles in the air that we constantly fight to avoid include the bacteria and viruses which cause colds, flu, and other sicknesses. We can’t see them, but fungi and dander make us sick, and dander is unavoidable if you have pets.

Mold spores are terrible problems for individuals in humid locations and pollen makes allergy season impossible to endure without swallowing costly and sometimes ineffective medications. Remove ammonia, cigarette smoke, dust, mites, and formaldehyde from your environment. These are produced by cigarettes but also come from surprising locations.

Where Does This All Come from?

A lot of the toxins you think are following you in the door or coming through the window are actually emitted from within the home. Scientists have traced their source to home furnishings and décor such as window coverings and flooring materials. If you smoke indoors or have pets, those are two more sources of allergens and poisons your youngsters could be breathing.

Indeed, some allergens really do come in the door on clothes and in hair, especially very small things like pollen. Ever wonder why your children get so many colds or wish you could alleviate their asthma symptoms? The answer could be obvious: clean up the air they breathe with the help of modern technology.

Inside the Dreval-850 Air Purifier

This is a system capable of filtering out particles the size of 0.01 microns, which is absolutely amazing. It does this in a number of ways including one hot and one cold method. A Cold Catalyst Filter destroys toxins without employing yet more chemicals like the ones you want to do away with.

Once they get into this filter, poisons are done for. A UV sterilization process does the same thing but with germs. Keep colds and other illnesses at bay without adding more toxins to the environment. These are just 2 of 7 stages of filtration which includes a basic HEPA filter, the minimum filtration any item should be using to purify air whether that is your vacuum cleaner or air filter.

Better Smelling Air

You will not simply be removing bad things from the air you breathe; terrible odors will be gone with those invisible particles. Imagine a household without the smell of cigarette smoke or mildew, for example.

Don’t just get rid of unpleasant aromas; introduce something better. Improve the smell in your home by adding organic aromatherapy oils too and letting those spread through a 430 ft² room, the largest size recommended for this device to be most effective in.

High-tech Improvements

The Dreval D-850 was designed for the modern home and the simple life. You can operate it directly at the console or use a remote control to achieve your goals from another room. There is also something called “sleep mode” during which time it will operate more quietly so you can get some rest. It’s easy to use, even if you don’t like machines. Hopefully, our Dreval D-850 air purifier review has helped you understand this excellent appliance as well as why it’s getting so many 5-star ratings at Amazon! Thanks so much for reading.

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