Ergobaum Crutch With Shock Absorption – $159 + FREE SHIPPING

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This Ergobaum Crutch review just touches on the most important aspects of this highly rated mobility aid. See the full Ergobaum listing HERE at Amazon to see much more!

What is worse than suffering an injury to your foot and having to wear a brace or cast? Using crutches adds injury to more injury. It’s no fun wearing down the palms of your hands. Those tips don’t reduce impact a whole lot if you plan to move around much and when they really wear out, before you replace them, tips are noisy and provide no cushion to bruised, sore armpits and hands. You also have to hold your foot up which puts strain on every part of one’s leg from the calves and up.

But, now check out this ingenious invention, called the Ergobaum (by Eroactives). Click the image to head right over to the official page at Amazon – or continue scrolling to read more…


Check out the Ergobaum Crutch by Ergoactives HERE on Amazon

A New Invention for Injury Sufferers

While some products will relieve pain by providing a crutch accessory, the Ergobaum is your new crutch. It provides the frame you expect but with added features. There is a knee rest so you can take the weight off of a tired hamstring, quad, a sore knee, buttock, and your lower back. With one crutch, the opposite hand is free, so you maintain a little bit of independence. When the knee is not resting, spring-loaded tips absorb the shock of hitting cement and other hard surfaces while you walk, taking away some of the pain from holding a crutch for long periods of time.

Aside from a knee rest, the Ergobaum also adds a component which allows you to rest your elbow into a more comfortable position and to add support which takes some pressure off of your armpit and hand. Reflectors, a night light, and a horn ensure you are seen or at least heard when walking across the street at night. You don’t have to adjust all of your routine in accordance with visibility in order to avoid risks. Stick with your regular work or school schedule so you don’t feel so helpless.

Pros and Cons of the Ergobaum

A few people have complained about the price of nearly $200. This does seem rather high, but the Ergobaum can go where many other crutches can’t, thanks to lights and reflectors. The shock absorbers are reportedly noisy. This could be a result of use by individuals over a certain weight and/or height, although the Ergobaum is allegedly suitable for clients from 5 feet to 6’6″ and up to 350 lbs, so this could be a problem the company has to deal with. There are suggestions such problems were addressed, but also an indication that you are less likely to suffer the noise if your weight is modest and your height is average.

Overall, most people are happy they bought the Ergobaum for extended periods of time nursing a broken foot or ankle.

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