FREE SHIPPING over $75 at One Hit Wonder E-Liquid (Coupon not needed)


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If you spend $75 or more at, you’ll get free shipping (no coupon code needed for this deal). This group is getting high marks for their e-juice – and they are doing things just a bit differently over there at their place in California.

First of all, they are offering a handful of flavors – unlike companies whipping out hundreds. Their staples include The Muffin Man (an apple-cinnamon flavor), The Milk Man (a strawberry-cream flavor), and The Rocket Man (a Greek yogurt – blueberry – granola flavor).

What’s more, they come in large, 6-oz (180 ml) bottles with 2 smaller (15 ml) empty bottles so that you can transfer from the larger, bulk bottle to a more portable bottle. This is pretty much unheard of, and of course since One Hit Wonder E-Liquid is selling their premium liquids in a larger quantity, the overall cost is less as well – which you’ll see if you do the math, since buying the same amount in smaller quantities of a similar high-quality or premium juice would cost a lot more. (e.g – let’s say you’re buying a 30 ml premium juice – and for giggles let’s say that the 30 ml premium is going for $20 – or more – x 6 = you would be paying $120 for 180 ml – whereas at One Hit Wonder E-Liquids, it’s only about $60!)

Reviews are stellar for these e-juices, so if you like a nice 80/20 VG/PG ratio liquid, and get some excellent vapor production along with fantastic flavor, give One Hit Wonder E-Liquids a try!