FREE Wine Accessory with EVERY Gift Membership!

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We just finished writing a little bit about the original Wine of the Month Club, which has been around since 1972! I had heard of the Wine of the Month Club a long time ago, but I honestly had no idea that it had been in business for over 40 years already. What a great idea, too.

And, I recently discovered their gift memberships, because I was trying to think of something to give to my sister – she doesn’t need or want for much, and I certainly wouldn’t even try to figure out what types of clothes she might like. But, I KNOW that she likes bacon, dark chocolate, and nice wine.

Give the Gift of Wine!Here’s the thing though: I can certainly send dark chocolate (ho hum), and bacon, well… probably not a good idea to attempt to ship that. But wine? I’d love to send it! BUT… you’re not allowed to send wine in the US mail. You CAN, however, get it delivered through a licensed purveyor! And, that is where Wine of the Month Club came to the rescue.

Well, I got pretty psyched when I saw everything that the Wine of the Month Club offers these days – and hence, the article that we decided to post about them and their memberships (you can read the article here, at your leisure).

Their gift memberships come with free shipping, by the way (as well as the little gift card and gift box). Oh! I should add that if you don’t want to give an actual membership, you can send a really lovely gift assortment or wine gift box which is also a very thoughtful – not to mention high quality – gift to give someone.

But anyway, because we found out that they do, indeed, have a gift membership, we wanted to alert our readers of that as well. And we also discovered that you get a FREE Wine Accessory with Every Gift Membership! AND, you do not need a Wine of the Month Club promo code to get this (although, we most definitely do post their coupon codes when they announce them!) – it’s just one of their regular offers that are nice to see companies give. So, hop on over to the one and only original Wine of the Month Club, and check it out! Finally, as far as I know, this special offer is good all the time. Again, please stay tuned, because any time the company announces a special promo code, we’re going to post it here, under their heading.

Here’s a quick video of theirs that shows you an example of their Classic Series. They have a BUNCH of excellent introductory videos. Here you go!

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