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Would you like the ability to carry your groceries and other stuff up the stairs without lifting them? Then you’re in for a treat, because after you read our UpCart review, we think you’ll agree that this is yet another incredible invention that is going to help save a lot of backaches! As you’re about to see, there is a great feeling of independence and body-saving work that the UpCart provides. This is a climbing cart, one that will enable consumers to take their handcart anywhere. (You can also see it in action in the UpCart video below this post.)

Typical Users of a Hand Cart

Most of the time, shoppers will see older people pulling one of these devices along behind them. It allows them to do their shopping and run errands on foot in places where parking is impractical or when they are unable to drive, but without having to carry items. This is the more practical way to stay mobile without causing injury.

Wheels lighten the load. There is one problem, though: at the end of the journey there are often stairs to climb with that cart, meaning a person will have to lift it eventually. Buses have stairs and even those few steps can be a big hassle with a wheeled cart in hand.

Invention of the UpCart (NOTE: It’s Now on Amazon!!! $89.95 + Free Shipping! See it HERE!)

UpCart Review and coupon code and Amazon Link - All Terrain Stair Climbing Folding Cart

This invention addresses problems with steps, stairs, and uneven surfaces so consumers can utilize wheels in spite of those hurdles. In fact, it was designed with stairs in mind plus a respect for simple engineering. All it took was developing a folding cart with the right sort of wheels oriented just-so.

This hand cart utilizes three wheels, like those ergonomic jogging strollers that can go anywhere. It handles flat surfaces but can also handle uneven surfaces and stairs in a way no other cart has been able to manage without tipping. It is also more durable than others.

Simple Three-wheel Mobility

Those three little wheels are at the center of its functionality. Two wheels do the work in a shopping mall or along an even pathway. A third one comes into play when the cart encounters steps or a sidewalk curb. Its durability lends the UpCart to other purposes besides shopping, enabling trades people to transport items which previously put strain on their bodies.

Availability is limited to a few sources (including Amazon, here), but there are lots of UpCarts to go around at an affordable price. As you can see, all it took was the ingenuity to create something uncomplicated. In this high-tech world, that’s not as easy as it seems.

What Do You Get?

For about $90, the customer buys a frame with wheels and a handle. It does not feature a bag; that’s up to you to add or you can purchase one or more optional extras from the makers of the UpCart. Enhance the system with a weather-resistant, durable bag.

UpCart supplies several styles. One is a three-tiered container plus an UpCart for handling regular shopping to an extent that’s practical to roll without assistance. Even a wheeled cart has its limits. Contain large items at the bottom.

More from the Makers of the UpCart

There is also the UpCart with a beach bag with mesh on the outside so that moisture does not condense, cause mold, and develop the peculiar smell of wet enclosed items that make people shift to another seat when you sit down on the bus. Buy an upgrade bag in black and yellow, alone or with the cart. It comes with shoulder straps and a special compartment for your cell phone. The manufacturers are calling this the UpCart with Bag Bundle All-Terrain Stair Climbing Folding Cart – also at Amazon (click HERE or the photo to go to the product page), and this is selling for a modest $129.95, which includes free shipping)UpCart with Bag Bundle All-Terrain Stair Climbing Folding Cart AMAZON coupon code

Everything is designed to last, not to fall apart after a few weeks of wear and tear. Colors are bright and modern, stylish enough that they shouldn’t make a young user feel self-conscious and materials for the cart itself are durable enough for a working environment.

Accessories make a cheery impression while keeping the weather away from vulnerable products. They provide compartments for varied sizes of groceries and other things you pick up along the way or bring with you during a typical outing.

The only final thing I want to mention is how thankful I am for a product like this, because I can tell you from personal experience and living seasonally where sometimes I have to climb 8 flights of stairs to get to my condo (when the elevator is out), this type of invention is a God send. Also, my mother-in-law has a great deal of difficulty carrying more than a light bag or two, and even though she only has to go up 3 or 4 stairs, this is the type of product that can make a world of difference for someone like her. Perhaps you have a family member who can also be helped with this wonderful and affordable invention.

I hope our UpCart review has been helpful to you, and that you agree it’s a product well worth every penny! If so…

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Thank you!