HAIR ESSENTIALS Hair Growth Sale – 40% off The Complete Program

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So, with this deal from Hair Essentials hair growth program, you will save 40% if you get the full program. (No Hair Essentials coupon code is needed for this offer!) They also offer a FULL 90 DAY guarantee. So, let’s take a brief look at this, which caught our eye because they have a third-party clinical study saying that this stuff works and that it was “proven” to reduce hair loss.

The study was conducted in 2014 by Thomas J. Stephens & Associates, Inc. out of Dallas, TX, and the company is an actual CRO – or “clinical research organization.”

For some reason, guys don’t seem to have as difficult a time with thinning hair as women do, and so this particular study was interesting to me since the study was to see how Hair Essentials worked on women suffering from female pattern hair loss – “androgenic alopecia” – and they did the study for 90 days. You can read the entire summary at the site, but, it seemed pretty impressive to me that the product appears to work when it comes to reducing hair loss (including shedding and thinning), and that it appeared to increase actual hair growth and coverage on the scalp – which is significant.

Now, all the ingredients in the different components are natural – no junk, and they not only list ALL the ingredients at the site, but they actually spent the time making sure that they EXPLAIN WHY each ingredient is in the system. Not a lot of sites do that, and so this gave it another “thumbs up” for me.

The full system includes the Hair Essentials supplement (capsules), Fo-Ti Root Extract (you take the drops – and they say that it also helps restore the hair’s original color… I like that!), and the Hair Essentials Nourishing Oil (which you apply topically).

All the company asks is that you give it an honest try for 90 days and see the results for yourself – and that seems fair enough to me!

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