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As a note: One of my neighbors found the Freedom Crutch to be the right solution for her own mobility issues while recovering from an injury. Let’s take a look at this option with the following Freedom Crutch review and discussion.

Much of the worst pain and discomfort suffered by someone using crutches come from these tools themselves. Combine new injuries with recovery pain and mobility issues following surgery or an accident and this makes for a miserable experience. The Freedom Crutch was designed to solve at least some of your problems.


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What is this Miraculous Tool?

Patients wearing a case or with their feet bandaged due to a bad sprain will tell you: crutches are no fun. They bruise hands and armpits. A person is at the mercy of other individuals to hold doors. You can’t get a drink of water or a book without help because both hands are holding a crutch.

The Freedom Crutch allows you to release one hand but also maintain balance. It does this by providing a knee pad for use with a single crutch. This is not a new style of aid but an accessory for standard, existing items one can find in medical supply stores everywhere.

This padded item can be attached at an adjustable height according to where your knee will comfortably sit at a 90° angle. You won’t have to hold your foot up anymore which is very wearing on the thigh, buttocks, and lower back.

Are There Any Negatives about the Freedom Crutch?


The Versatile Freedom Crutch – Click the Image to see it on Amazon

There are loads of reviews from happy and unhappy customers alike. Some will tell you this is not a suitable accessory for someone who is very tall or heavy. The weight of big legs will bend hardware. Padding is thin so you might have to add a bit of your own padding, especially if you are wearing shorts. Edges are reportedly sharp which you notice if your knee fills the width of the pad. Some people have said this product is more expensive than it should be for what you get.

Mostly Positives

Others report that they were able to release one hand and do many more things for themselves. They were grateful to finally have one hand free, to release pressure from one side and partially from the other, and that the attachment is easy to adjust. They did not experience any trouble that could not be overcome, especially when this $60 item was in use just for a period of weeks. If your injury is severe, it’s possible you would be unable to bend at the knee anyway which would mean the Freedom Crutch wasn’t right for you.

Another positive is that the Freedom Crutch is made by Veterans in the USA! So, your purchase directly helps continue to support our servicemen and women who have given a great deal in service of our country.

For individuals within a regular height range and under 200 lbs, this device works fine. Most complaints come from people who, as always, have to look for specially-made products.

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PS: This whole thing started with a discussion with my brother in law about an extensive recovery from a serious bunion surgery. That got us talking about some of the top mobility aids – and our initial discussion about that is HERE in the blog section of the home page.

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