LET’S DANCE! BeachBody CIZE with Shaun T is JUST ABOUT HERE!

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Ohmygosh… we just saw a listing where it looked like the highly anticipated BeachBody CIZE (TM) 4-week dance fitness program is JUST ABOUT HERE! And, I just signed up for the announcement – We have been notified that the official launch date is September 3, 2015! (UPDATE: I’m not sure what changed, but it’s LIVE NOW! Check out CIZE here!) I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance (especially at home when no one can see me ha ha ha!) – and because it’s with Shaun T, I just KNOW it is going to be fun. It’s going to incorporate cardio training, core strengthening, and toning, and we get to DANCE while we do it!

I love to feel good – and if you’ve been reading my posts here at MyFavDeals, I’ve been enjoying bodyweight training too – but you might have also seen that I DESPISE gyms and “equipment” in general. I get bored silly on treadmills (none of that here!), and because of my knees and elbows (from a previous injury), I do have some difficulty doing squats and I can’t do burpees at all (last time I tried I nearly wound up at the doctor’s office).

BeachBody CIZE Shaun T Dance WorkoutSo, what we’re looking at with Beachbody CIZE is a very cool 4 week program, and we’re going to be able to follow along – and maybe even feel a wee bit professional?? (Okay, maybe no Dancing with the Stars for me – but, how about just feeling good??) And, c’mon… CIZE is from the same people who’ve brought you P90X3, Hip Hop Abs, PiYo, Insanity, and Focus T25 – and yet, CIZE is the one that looks like the most fun for me.

The program’s going to come with 6 different courses – so I doubt we’ll be bored! That’s probably why BeachBody is calling it “The End of Exercise…”

Head over to the Team BeachBody website here, and look at the LEFT COLUMN – you’ll see “CIZE” right there – Go ahead and click on that, and get your name entered to win a copy of CIZE (Or, perhaps, by the time you read this post, the BeachBody CIZE release will have already happened, and you’ll just be able to grab a copy right away!).

Okay, first, watch Shaun T’s introductory video (we have it right here in this post for your convenience, below), and check out how he explains some of the moves – which even I can do, which makes me feel good – for example, he says in the intro when he’s demonstrating a move that it’s just using movements we happen to use anyway, and he’s just putting those movements to a rhythm – like this example: “act like you’re in a boat and you’re rowing…” (that’s at about the 45-second mark – the whole video is only 2:05 minutes long, so it’s worth a watch so you’ll see what he’s talking about – he shows another example at 1:50 like when you’re shrugging to move past someone or get out of their way…)

NOW, watch (and try) the demo – it’s only 1:12 minutes long – my screenshot here in this post is from that vid. FUN!!!

Anyway, I’ve blathered on long enough – LET’S DANCE! 🙂 To check out BeachBody CIZE and all their programs, just click www.BeachBody.com here – and all their programs are in that column on the left!

LET’S DANCE! BeachBody CIZE with Shaun T is JUST ABOUT HERE!
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