Introducing the LOKI TOUCH! Review Follows…

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Hi everyone! We’re excited to offer up this brand new Loki Touch review – the long-awaited vape from Loki Vaporizers!

Isn’t it fun when a vaporizer isn’t ready for purchase yet but anticipation is building? Enjoy the suspense for a little while; you’ve got something to tide you over in the meantime. When the Loki Touch is finally released, you will be one of the first to own something brand-spanking new.

Eye-friendly Design

Loki Touch by Loki Vaporizers VapesLoki has gone for the big-screen design which is going to be great for anyone who has ever squinted at the usual little screen on a portable, rechargeable vape device. That’s the first thing that stands out; not what sorts of materials this little unit is made for or anything sensible like that. Loki made it big so vapers could also control their device by touching the display, like they do with a Smartphone. Of course, you won’t care about the screen unless a Loki Touch can do what you need, so let’s take a quick look at the materials you’re going to be vaporizing.

Two for One

If you have ever been frustrated by the limitations of vaporizers before, the Loki Touch might come as a refreshing surprise. You can vape both herbs and oils with this one unit although it only reaches a top temp of 440F. That’s not usually the high point for oils or the max for dry materials either; a bit high at one and low at the other perhaps. Only time will tell for sure. Vapers decide their setting using touchscreen controls, so play around with values until you hit a happy place.

Vape Basics

Heating up the Loki Touch will take less than a minute. It’s unimaginably fast for a quality product of about $140. Imagine a portable, affordable product that heats up faster than a kettle for a cup of tea. Loki create what they refer to as “heat grooves […] on top of the oven.” Does this mean at the top part of the oven’s structure or above it? Again, you’ll have to wait and see, and the heat glove for the oven is also going to be a novel feature.

Back to Aesthetics

Enjoy the fresh, slender, but wide appearance of a non-pen; a device that doesn’t really emulate anything but does its own thing. Isn’t it nice to see a portable vaporizer that’s original again, at last? That’s one aspect of their product Loki is really hyping because they aren’t saying all that much really. They and their customers are very much in pre-order, cliffhanger mode.

Advice from Loki

What the technical team has to say is very important because this could help to extend the life of a Loki touch and enhance customer satisfaction, which is what they want. Avoid stupid, avoidable problems by keeping your machine clean. Clean it out regularly, especially the herb/oil chamber, but also the mouthpiece. This part is a near triangle set above an oval power button, itself situated above that amazing display screen.

Battery Life

The Loki Touch comes with a rechargeable battery already built in. Its life is 3-hours long if you are looking after the device. Remember that this life will decrease a few months into the use of your vaporizer and then steadily provide less and less battery time naturally. Loki notes that the run time is 45 minutes if their vaporizer is used continuously. Remember to shut off your portable unit when it’s not in use but it will turn off automatically after 5 minutes too. Recharge using the USB port on its frame.

Loki Looks After Customers

The Loki Touch with its durable ceramic digital oven and tough build should be able to handle everyday vaping with no problems. If, however, you have any troubles, get in touch right away. Loki wants to look after you. They offer great customer service and value your business.

November 1, 2016: The coupon has now expired; however the Loki Touch IS in stock and if you head over to the site here, you can sign up for their newsletters and any additional discounts that you’ll get through their. Go to the page here.

NOTE: There is a limited time coupon code for 15% off during pre-launch! USE GotVape coupon code –  I don’t have an expiration date for this, but I’ve been told it’s good until launch. So buy now! UPDATE: This coupon code expires November 1, 2016