LOVING the VibraWav Whole Body Vibration Therapy Machine!

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I recently began using the VibraWav Pro XT whole body vibration therapy machine that literally “rocks!” It’s at a chiropractic clinic that I’ve been going to for help in strengthening my ankle. Because of a chronic tendon problem in my left ankle, I’ve been nursing my foot over the last several months, and wanted therapy to help the healing process along.

So, the folks at the clinic thought that using a vibration platform machine might be a good addition to the regimen, and I figured, “Why not?” While the machine looked a little intimidating and I’d never tried whole body vibration (WBV) before, I do like trying new things, so I hopped on!

And, although I didn’t start out to create a VibraWav review, I guess I’m doing so now!

Positions and Settings

Ok, there are a number of settings and positions to choose from on this device, with each one targeting a different function: e.g. strengthening your core, working your upper body, working your lower back, etc.

VibraWav review

There are also a bunch of positions that you can personally use with this machine that I hadn’t thought of. For example, you can be sitting on a balance ball (you can see the one in the office photo, just left of the VibraWav), and putting your legs or feet on the vibration platform to work your abs.

You can also get into a push-up position on the floor, and hold yourself up with your hands on the platform. There are other things too, like you can do lunges, with one foot on the platform and the other on the ground (I’d have to work up to that, because I need to strengthen my ankle first).

We started on a low setting, just so I could get the feel for it, and then adjusted the speed/intensity upwards.

Holy Cow! I was on that thing for less than 10 minutes, and could really feel it! They had me do a number of different postures – especially one where I stood on one foot (the one with the tendon issues) – and work on balance. What would happen is that “involuntarily” I’d be forced to balance, and my foot automatically was working to keep me balanced. It didn’t do it so hard that it hurt – just enough to force me to work it.

Do I See the Benefits? Yes.

It didn’t take long for me to see that there are definitely benefits to trying vibration therapy – at least for me.

I did it for both feet, then I got into a position where I bent forward at the hip, and held on to the bar – it felt really good in my hips and hamstring (which I tore over a year and a half ago). I was surprised at how good I felt after this!

What also surprised me was that I felt as though I had worked out. Not the post-workout feeling I get from lifting weights, but an overall general “burn” which I liked.

So, I’m pretty much sold on WBV therapy.

The picture I’ve included above is the actual one I used at the clinic; however, you can get them on Amazon for about $2,515.50 plus free shipping (Click Here to visit the product page, or click the image below). I wish I had more time during my sessions at the clinic to use this for longer periods of time, because I can definitely see this as part of my routine going forward.