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A number of vape manufacturers have gone out of their way to create elegant, designer mods that are the equivalent of a top-class sports car. They provide tremendous power inside a stunning frame, and the SX Mini Q Mini Vape Mod is one of them. We love the fact that Direct Vapor has this mod in their inventory. By the way, the reviews are outstanding on it as well.

Buy yours from Direct Vapor HERE for $189.95 and take advantage of their low-price guarantee plus free shipping.

The SX Mini Q Vape Mod

This mod is named for its chipset; the Yihi SX450J-BT. You might be familiar with Yihi chips from their association with Pioneer4You iPV mods, but Yihi also makes their own mods like this curvy, ergonomic 200W device.

“Mini” is a little bit misleading if customers associate that adjective with low-powered box mods. The SX Mini Q Mod isn’t a standard box, either. It supplies 200 watts of power or up to 572°F with the 450J-BT control chip. Then again, that powerful chip is very small and overall design is compact, just like a Porsche. Check out all the specs here.

Batteries are removable and you are going to need two of them. Direct Vapor supplies the industry’s top-rated cells by the likes of LG, so add a pair to your cart. It is even better to own two pairs so one set is available, already charged and waiting before you run out of power.

Taste Modes

Yihi chooses to describe their settings as “taste modes” to distinguish theirs from the competitors’ settings. Pick Eco, Soft, Powerful, Powerful Plus, Standard, or one of 5 SXi-Q levels. Those are in addition to Variable Joules and Variable Wattage. This fashionable mod will tolerate resistance as low as 0.05 ohms if the mod is setup for Joules (TC).

Protecting Vapers

An important role of the chipset is to protect vapers. Yihi’s SX chip defends the vaper and device against problems associated with reversing battery polarity or installing a coil below 0.05 ohms. You are protected from low-voltage problems, overheating, and over-charging. The display, which depicts values and your current mode, also displays warnings or errors. Watch the screen for signs that you should be recharging or swapping batteries. Use the USB port to upgrade Yihi’s chipset in the future.

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