MMP-9090 Turbo Water Ionizer

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Welcome to this Tyent USA MMP-9090 Turbo Water Ionizer review and guide! This top-notch machine is one of the most affordable of recent Tyent water ionizers and features 9 titanium plates. Titanium plates are coated in platinum, which electrolyze the water to increase hydrogen, one of the reasons these devices are so popular with professional sportsmen and women and also celebrities. Enhancing the hydrogen increases the anti-aging potential of drinking ionized water and offers other benefits associated with competitive performance in any sport. And whether or not you are sports-minded, drinking healthier and purer water is undoubtedly important to most people.

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Tyent MMP-9090 Water Ionizer reviewAnti-Virus Mode

The MMP-9090 water ionizer is always working, getting rid of viruses, for example, and filtering impurities out of your drinking water. Ionized water has been broken into smaller particles than the stuff that flows out of your tap without ionization. The body is better able to absorb these particles at the cellular level and, thus, provide life-giving hydration to every system including immunity. A CPU chip destroys viruses floating in city water which frequently make their way to your cup.

Display Screen

An LCD screen displays settings and power readings for the MMP-9090. This is a touch-screen model but without the iPod-style interface which was added to ACE and UCE models. You aren’t missing much, especially considering the amount you save buying a machine priced under $2,500 as opposed to $3,500 or more. Consumers also receive voice guidance and warnings from their smart machine.

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