NO SIT UPS? Hmmm Well, This Flex Belt is intriguing! 55% off ($89.59 + Free Shipping)

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I’ve seen the Flex Belt before, and now that the Flex Belt coupon code for 10% (the code is FLEX10OFF – but evidently only works on their site though) came on my radar, it makes it a little more enticing. We know that if you buy it at you don’t have to pay shipping, and Amazon shows real Flex Belt reviews from verified buyers (almost 600 reviews, 60% giving it a 5-star rating, but NOT as a “weight loss” device. NOTE: It is NOT a weight loss device! It is an electrical muscle stimulation device that – when activated, sends a signal to your abdominal muscles to “flex.” So, it DOES work on your muscles – but don’t think you can sit back and eat chocolate bon-bons with your Flex Belt on and lose weight. You must exercise and eat less to do that. Anyway, See the Flex Belt on Amazon here.

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So, you’ve probably seen this abs (abdominal) training device in the past, and you may already know that, as I just mentioned, it is designed to stimulate your stomach muscles.

I despise sit ups. But, I know I should work harder at strengthening my core. And, I should mention that I have experienced the technology behind the Flex Belt – called Electronic Muscle Stimulation toning technology (EMS technology).

I’ve seen it used in stimulating the muscles of paralyzed limbs, and I’ve had it used on my back a few years ago to help stimulate my own lower back muscles.

It’s an interesting feeling that kind of “tingles” (you don’t want to turn it up too high though) – and when you activate it, you can try to resist contracting your muscles (which I did), but it’s really hard. It’s like trying to stop a reflex. So, after you’ve done all the other good stuff to help yourself get back in shape (like eating less, eating healthier, and moving your body in exercise) just go ahead and relax a bit or go about your daily business, and let it do its thing. Learn more at Amazon HERE.