Ohhh. WOW! PLEASE Try & Buy Choffy (COUPON CODE!)- A TRULY Healthy Coffee Alternative!

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There’s a new favorite drink on the block folks! (UPDATE: Note our EXCLUSIVE Choffy coupon code “FAVDEALS” to receive awards points that will accumulate and can be traded for FREE products! This special good through 1/31/16.) We discovered “Choffy” an absolutely delicious and healthy coffee alternative, and frankly, a terrific way to get that morning caffeine without coffee (for those of you looking for a caffeine alternative, which I have been working on, personally).Choffy - Choffy coupon comeing - This is an awesome and healthy coffee alternative

I’m going to write more about this, because I had the good fortune of meeting one of the people who stand behind this product. Choffy is a 100% cacao bean – roasted and ground – which you then brew and sip as you would coffee.

According to Carolyn Hildreth, who runs a website, Choffy4MyHealth.com, the brains and founder behind this terrific coffee and caffeine alternative is a gentleman by the name of Jason Vanderhoven,  who had the idea of creating a brewed beverage that would take advantage of the nutrition-packed cacao (cocoa) bean. I’m here to personally tell you that he has succeeded, and Choffy (obviously a play on the words “chocolate” and “coffee”) absolutely, 100% gets the My Favorite Deals Seal of Approval. It’s delicious!

As soon as we met Carolyn and tried Choffy for ourselves, we knew we had to offer it to our readers here at MyFavDeals.org, and also to help get the word out with some video interviews, which we’ve done. Check out the introductory video below, and try Choffy for yourself. I can scarcely describe the flavor – chocolatey, but not too much so. It’s more subtle than you might expect. Really, the only way to decide if you like it is to try it. Please tell Carolyn and Jason that we sent you! And, if we can get a Choffy coupon code set up for you, we’ll bring it to you right here! 12/22/15 – Carolyn from Choffy4MyHealth.com has offered our readers a special opportunity to earn points to trade for more Choffy stating that if your readers will post in the section of the order form “ORDER COMMENTS” at www.Choffy4MyHealth.com the Choffy coupon code “FAVDEALS” when they make an order, they will receive awards points for their purchase which accumulate for FREE products. This deal will be honored through January 2016. (By the way, we’ve just ordered a French Press to brew our Choffy in – we’ll be back with an updated post as soon as we try that method!)

Ohhh. WOW! PLEASE Try & Buy Choffy (COUPON CODE!)- A TRULY Healthy Coffee Alternative!
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