ONLY $11.49/meal: Sun Basket Delivery to Florida, Georgia, Alabama and MORE!!

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$30 OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE! Kind of a built in Sun Basket coupon code with this link. I am SO GLAD to see Sun Basket delivery to Florida (since that’s where I spend my winters), Georgia, Alabama (where my friends winter), and more in the south! This literally just happened in the last couple of months when we were told that the Sun Basket delivery area had finally expanded beyond the Pacific west and north west.

Eat Clean $30.00 OffThis is truly exciting for us, and we KNOW that this is one of the absolute best organic and sustainable meal delivery companies out there. I don’t know if you saw this post here about their expansion, and even more importantly, how BuzzFeed had rated them pretty much their #1 choice in meal delivery. If you were wondering about the great Sun Basket vs Blue Apron debate – there IS NO debate. Sun Basket wins, hands down.

Try Sun Basket and Get $30 off your First Purchase –>

The only reason that the person who compared Sun Basket to Blue Apron (as well as others, to be fair) even put those 2 companies in the same article was because so many people have heard of Blue Apron (probably because they advertise so aggressively) – and she wanted to address that. Again, you can see that interesting meal delivery company comparison HERE.

For us, personally, Sun Basket is one of our favorites because it checks off a LOT of things that are important to us: Sustainable, Organic, Fresh, Locally Sourced as much as possible, Healthy, Nutritious, and YUMMY! You can also send a Sun Basket gift – another really good idea to help introduce the idea to others! Finally, their flexibility allows you (and me) to schedule deliveries without being tied to a firm subscription. If you want to skip a week, no problem. Change how many meals you want delivered? No problem. They really have dotted every “i” and crossed every “t” in our opinion.

Visit the site to learn more, and to give it a whirl! 🙂

ONLY $11.49/meal: Sun Basket Delivery to Florida, Georgia, Alabama and MORE!!
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