PERSIL ProClean – You saw the Super Bowl Commercial?

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If you are like millions of other viewers, you saw the Persil ProClean Super Bowl Commercial* and may have wondered, “Huh? PERSIL? What’s THAT? Never heard of it!” Perhaps all you heard is that it outperforms Tide (TM) in tests by a “leading consumer testing publication.” (Not sure why they weren’t allowed to mention Consumer Reports, but there you have it. I just looked it up on Google, and that’s what I saw.) Anyway, that got our attention, so that’s why we looked it up.

Persil ProClean Detergent - super bowl 2016 commercialTurns out that the brand has been around since 1907! AND it has a place in history as being noted as the first “self-activated laundry detergent.” You can read about Persil’s history here.

So, now that you know, why not try it for yourself? Buy it for less on HERE! And yes, we’ve included the Persil ProClean commercial here for you! See it below. 🙂

*This refers to Super Bowl 50 on February 7, 2016.