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Piano for all download - learn to play piano by earLet me be clear – I play piano a bit (no expert, but I’ve played for 57+ years now). This product, called “Piano for All” by Robin Hall (some call it “PianoForAll” or “Piano4All”) is fantastic. Plain and simple. And right now it’s 50% off as a test run. If you have even the slightest interest in learning to play keyboard or piano, please hear me out – even your children are going to like this. If I seem ever so slightly excited about this PianoForAll review, it’s because I am excited. In fact, it’s time for an update here (See video below)!

I am going to walk you all through a very comprehensive video review series, including how to order, how to easily put the PianoForAll DOWNLOAD on to your PC (and they even have this piano playing app for Android AND iPhone!). I’ll work with it a little bit, and then the final PianoForAll review video will be my overall take on the experience. The first video explaining WHY I’m buying it right now is below.

I rarely get this pumped about a product. And part of it is because I love playing. Ok, here is the FIRST video.

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Because this is very similar to the way I play personally, it caught my eye. I had formal lessons for years (that’s my very first piano pictured to the left), and despised them because I was being taught how to play differently than from how I seemed to naturally play. And, even with the formal lessons, my skills weren’t good enough for me to play in the jazz band at school because I was unable to sight-read. But, sight-reading was not important to me. Not even a little. All I wanted to do was play by ear and accompany myself when I sang, or just play a tune for the sheer pleasure of playing.

Of course, the internet wasn’t available back then, and there was no way to learn to play by ear online the way there is now.

MyFavDeals.org Seal Of ApprovalThe Bottom Line for this PianoForAll review: I have never, ever seen anything like PianoForAll in my entire life. It is by far the best, most complete, most insanely effective and affordable method for learning how to play the piano or keyboards that I have ever witnessed. Ever.

THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE NEGATIVE THING that I can say about the PianoForAll downloads and lessons. Nada. Zilch. It’s THAT GOOD.

In fact, PianoForAll is so good, we have awarded it our Official Stamp of Approval.

HOT OFF THE YouTube Press! My RECENT PianoForAll review wrap up…

I’ll just let the following video tell the story – and if you want to read the description I wrote under the review, just click to “watch it on YouTube” and you’ll go straight to the video. In the meantime, here it is:

Just get PianoForAll and begin having fun while you learn to play:

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Best Part about the PianoForAll Downloads

What I really like about the PianoforAll download videos and e-books is how Robin Hall (the teacher/creator of the program) shows the demonstrations. Check out this short video where he shows you in this lesson (this would be after you have learned 7 initial chords – and the way he teaches those are very intuitive as well) how to use what is called “broken chords” to create a ballad sound. Don’t be concerned if you don’t know these chords – he really does make it a fun experience to learn them. Just pretend, for the sake of the video, that you know these 7 chords, okay? Then, continue down past the video for more info.

PianoForAll – Only $39! Less than most lessons!


If my old piano teacher (bless her heart) had understood that I learned by visual association more than just lecture and trying to pound notation reading into me, I would have enjoyed my lessons so much more. Fortunately, I had (have!) a natural ear and can hear the notes, so I was able to pretty much just play the lessons by ear after she played the melody through once or twice.

Oh if ONLY Piano for All (Robin calls it PianoForAll – all one word) had been available to someone like me! I still love to play, and am truly excited to see this course available. When you download it to your laptop or smart phone or whatever you use, you’ll put it on your keyboard stand or on your piano and follow along that way.

By the way, this is a VERY inexpensive way to learn. If you take traditional piano lessons, you’re going to pay quite a bit for those hourly lessons. Here you get the whole kit n’ kaboodle for $50. Total. That’s the “expensive” option. The other option is $39. What have you got to lose? Give PianoForAll a try. Robin has a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Enjoy! And start playing!

Download it now:

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