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When’s the last time your mattress cover helped you sleep and wake up clearly? The Luna Sleep SMART Mattress Cover is not like ANYTHING you have ever seen before. Even Mark Cuban (one of the “Sharks” on Shark Tank and owner of the Dallas Mavericks) was quoted as praising Luna Sleep calling it, “the one technology that might finally make our bedrooms smart.” Welcome to the future of sleep!

Luna is calling it the Luna Smart Mattress Cover. So, what makes this thing so “smart?” According to Luna’s website explanation (which is the easiest place to get your answers, the mattress cover has 3 primary tasks – first, it helps to manage your bed temperature (it “reads” and tracks how you sleep), and then it shares the readings with other “smart” household devices which do things such as turn down the lights, and it has a built in “smart alarm” that determines when you are sleeping lightly prior to your chosen wake-up time so that you don’t awaken in a groggy state. Learn more in the introductory video below…Because there is far more to this than I’ve just mentioned. We have also provided a Luna Smart Mattress Cover review here.

This fascinating mattress cover was crowd-funded through the Indiegogo site, where it has raised OVER 1.7 MILLION DOLLARS so far! While the mattress cover is not yet being shipped, NOW is the time to pre-order yours. They are estimating delivery in February 2016 for the first pre-orders, and 12%-15% off! PLUS FREE SHIPPING! This is a splendid and affordable way to get a better night’s sleep without the expense of buying an entirely new mattress (which, as you know, can be pricey). Wait’ll you see this thing! So, go ahead and click any of the images or our link HERE to pre-order Luna Smart Mattress Cover!

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