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Ever felt like there were too many electronics in your home, all using the same Wi-Fi yet disconnected somehow? You’re only a room away from each other yet parents have no control; they can’t see what’s going on, and they don’t want to be snoops either.

Then there’s the simple reality of how much you have to do aside from peeking in teens to make sure they aren’t still on their gaming devices. Starry Station helps with the modern conundrum of household internet use and so much more.

Starry Station, Wi-Fi Grand Central

Starry Station

As far as internet connection goes, it’s all in the stars — literally. Satellites provide us with the means to connect with anyone anywhere in the world and also anywhere in the home, which can seem like its own galaxy, children and parents living and working light years from each other.

Starry Station brings everyone together in the home and also gives a satellite’s-eye view of what’s happening with your internet connection. Besides that, the station is lovely; worthy of any NASA installation.

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Window to Wi-Fi

This is your window to the performance of your connection. Is it up to speed? How healthy is your Wi-Fi? You will see a percentage value indicating the connection is strong or perhaps not so strong: maybe the big game is on and everyone is watching online.

Perhaps it’s Christmas and just about every citizen in your city is on the internet Skyping relatives. Wi-Fi isn’t reliable. What about loading speed: could there be a problem with the site you are using?

Everyone’s Internet

Starry Station also tells you what each member of the household currently on Wi-Fi in the home is doing right now. You can see them by name: Julie is using her smart phone to watch a show; James is watching music videos on his Laptop; Doug just turned on a gaming device; and your computer is running as well as you download a recipe for dinner.Starry Station Wifi Router Amazon

This cool router indicates which device is in use, but not necessarily what it is being used for. Other clues can help you figure that out if you don’t want to knock on doors and checkup on the kids.

See whose data use is largest based on the size of his or her “star” (circle). The color of this circle indicates the health of a connection. Blue is cool; red is a sign of trouble. Do something about problems before they crash your whole system.

We’ve posted the company’s video below this article so that you can get a more visual introduction to how it all comes together.

Parental Controls

As you can see, it’s easy to monitor the kids and even other members of the household without being present in person to find out what device is being used or to find out if a device is turned on at all, at least if that device is working off of your household Wi-Fi system.

It’s also possible to control these devices with parental controls. Set up a time when items can start running and when they will automatically turn off or just see how much time a child spends on the internet. Keep a note; they can’t tell fibs. Starry Station tells the story on a big, interactive screen.


Passwords can be a pain, but you don’t want anyone else to get into your system. Create a password, one you can memorize, instead of a long list of numbers and letters to write down on a piece of paper you are going to accidentally wash in your jeans. Customize a password or ask Starry Station to generate some ideas.

Control everything from the device itself or use an app on your phone to arrange settings and to continue monitoring household usage when you’re not able to be there. Block or enable usage from work, the gym, or wherever you have access to Wi-Fi on your smart phone.

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