TOO COOL! Yeah – You want it…GoSun Stove SOLAR COOKER! Best yet.

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If you enjoy camping and the outdoors, and you also love to hug a tree now and again, you WANT the GoSun Stove solar cooker. Yes… yes, you do. I know, because I fit the category and am drooling over this thing. The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw it was “YES! Shish Kabobs!” That’s because of the shape (see the photo, which, if you click it will bring you right to the site). (By the way, we do NOT receive any compensation at all from GoSun in any way for any customers that we refer, since we are not approved to promote them; we’re doing what we can to help them anyway because we seriously believe in what they are doing. They have earned our MyFavDeals Stamp of Approval.  If they ever do approve us, we’ll let you know!)

But, I soon discovered that there was far more to this solar cooker than fuel-free cooking. In fact, there are far too many awesome things to say about GoSun, the company, in this brief post. By their own admission they are a young company, but their expertise is rock solid.

The story goes that GoSun’s founder, Patrick Sherwin was in the field one day dismantling a solar water heating system and needed to stop for lunch. Because of his own vast knowledge of the solar energy field, he found himself experimenting with one of the vacuum tubes he had just dismantled. He had the idea of trying to use it to heat his own lunch, and the rest, as they say, is history.Portable Solar Cooker

And, as so many of today’s super awesome products are seeing the light of day, Patrick got his idea into a KickStarter campaign to fund the project, and as of this writing, he had already found close to 1,000 backers pledging more than $203,000 to get it going!

Furthermore, in another step that just endears me further, the company is planting 20 trees for every GoSun stove sold.

So I have heard of solar cookers before, but the GoSun Stove has taken this to a whole new level. No fossil fuel is used, and yet it takes only about 20 to get a meal cooked in temperatures upwards of 550°F (290°C)!

Now, if you look at the GoSun Sport, the portable solar cooker that Patrick and company launched in 2013 and pictured at the left, you’ll see that it’s exceptionally light, weighing in at only about 7 pounds.

The oven itself will hold a good bit of food – according to the product specs, it can take 53oz (1.6L) liquid or up to 3 lbs (1.4kg) of food. The infographic on their specs (see screenshot below) shows about how long it will take to cook a number of common food items, and at differing degrees of sunlight intensity. We’ll continue this discussion below the infographic…

GoSun Sport solar cooker cooking times infographic

Click this GoSun Sport infographic to be brought to the product page so you can examine the specs more thoroughly.

–> Ready to head to the site? CLICK HERE to visit <–

I like the company’s confidence – they are offering a 30 day money back guarantee (in the USA) if you don’t like it. But, what could possibly be any reason to return this genius invention? You had a change of heart and decided that it’s more fun to cart BBQ briquettes and starter liquid in the back of the car? There’s also a 2-year warranty on the evacuated tube.

And, just in case you were wondering, the GoSun stove solar cooker is cool to the touch! How the heck they did all this – honestly, I’m viewing this as something of a miracle. Think about it – not only are you going to be saving fuel and resources, but consider the implications for populations for whom regular cook stoves are just a dream! I truly believe that the GoSun is going to change lives, and they are, in fact, committed to doing just that by helping provide clean cooking solutions on a global level.

And we’re here to help spread the news. Experts such as Gary Starr, an investor and solar energy expert are calling this “the best solar energy converter yet!” (You’ll see him in the video, below.)

I mean, forget just the backyard BBQ or tailgate party. When I think about some years ago, when a severe ice-storm hit our town, an entire section of the region was without electricity for weeks. Unless they had a gas stove, they were dependent on grills, neighbors, and the good will of one particular neighbor who went house to house with a generator to help people. And, although the GoSun isn’t a heater (as I mentioned, you can touch it), once the clouds clear (or even before they’re entirely clear), you can prepare food – whether you have electricity or gas, or not. Piping hot, fully cooked, and nutritionally intact food.

You just have to see this thing in action, so I found their introductory video here so you can see it for yourself. Oh – And I just discovered that the GoSun Stove cooks at NIGHT!

Okay – you can sense my enthusiasm for the GoSun Stoves and their mission. Please watch this video, and I think you will share that enthusiasm. It’s our pleasure at to promote just a terrific product, and if you should decide to purchase through our link, we will also win, because GoSun will reward us with a commission. Thank you so much! (PS: If you go to the site, and sign up for their newsletter, they’ll send you a GoSun coupon code to save $20 on your purchase! So YOU win too!)

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