Try ZarMoney Cloud Accounting Software for FREE! (Let’s Review This!)

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We just came across what we think is going to be a game-changer when it comes to online accounting: ZarMoney Cloud Accounting Software. If you are in business – whether you’re a small mom and pop or a large corporation, you might want to show this to whomever does your books.

First of all, if you are a single user, you can sign up for the ZarMoney Cloud Accounting software for free! This is not a trial. One user = Free. AND they do NOT hold back any of the platform’s functions either.

Free Online Accounting. No strings attached. If you have staff members that will also be using the software, they offer a 30 day free trial. More on pricing in a few moments.

One of the things I instantly noticed is its user-friendly website – a good first impression considering they are marketing pretty much a one-stop-shop for your business’s accounting and inventory management needs. They also have an upbeat blog and a forum platform for users to interact if they wish.

Here at MyFavDeals, one of my partners had a small bricks & mortar store where he had to keep up with hundreds of items, not only tracking what product he had in-store, but also needed to keep up with trends. Well, ZarMoney DOES THIS!

Please note that I’m not an accountant, but my dad is. And I’ve heard accounting terminology in my house all my life. So, when I saw the list of features that a company’s in-house accountant or CFO or bookkeeper might be using, I was pretty impressed. I didn’t start out to write a ZarMoney review, but since I’m here and have my first impressions, well, I might as well keep going!

See the Full List of ZarMoney Features:

Another thing that I personally like about what I’m seeing at ZarMoney is its built-in fax capabilities. Until recently, I had to either have a land-line (which is kind of a pain for me because I move twice a year since I live seasonally), or pay for an on-line fax service. THAT ALONE is, in my case, nearly $200 per year. If you have even the free version of ZarMoney, you can fax without a land line or the cost of a separate service.

You also get an email attached to the account where you can send and receive emails directly when you’re signed in. ZarMoney also has a built-in scheduler. You can even print checks! Considering that even accountants are using it, to me this seems like the year’s best deal.

So, here is the big question: Why are they allowing single users to use it for free, and without limitation? I honestly don’t know, because it seems like an almost “too valuable” service to be offering for free.  They’ve put together a nice introductory video for you to preview – and I’ve included it just below this brief ZarMoney review.ZarMoney Free Cloud Accounting Software

My best guess at this point is that it is a fairly new-to-market solution that hasn’t had a ton of exposure yet in the same way accounting software platforms like Multiledger or Quickbooks has. Therefore, it’s entirely possible that they are offering single users to access the platform for free to help build up some momentum. This makes me wonder how long it will remain free.

For now, however, it IS free for a single user. AND, even as a free user, you have access to their customer service (based in Los Angeles, CA). Frankly, even if you have additional employees or partners who need to use the software, upgrading to additional users is very affordable.

So, here are the pricing levels:

  • “Entrepreneur” – one single user; Free.
  • “Small Business” – 3 Users; $29/month. $5 per each additional user. (NOTE: You can try this level for free for 30 days)
  • “Enterprise” – up to 30 Users; starting at $350/month. At this level, you will schedule a demo with ZarMoney, and you will receive personal, customized training. You will also have a dedicated Account Representative and a private domain name and private server.

I didn’t mean to ramble on and on here, but I have to tell you that my initial impression of the ZarMoney Cloud Accounting software is a good one, and I can see myself signing up as my own business begins to grow. Why not give it a look?

Check Out ZarMoney and See if it Suits YOUR Business: