UCE-9000 Turbo Under-Counter Extreme Water Ionizer

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Before there was the UCE-11, Tyent made the UCE-9000 Turbo, a water ionizing machine consumers place under their counter to blend-in with the pipe-work out of sight. Why would customers choose the 9000 Turbo when they could own the updated model? They save about $500 against the sale price of a UCE-11; much more against the full price. That’s a compelling reason to stick with “older” technology that isn’t old at all. The UCE-11 and UCE-9000 Turbo have a lot in common.

Tyent UCE-9000 Turbo Under-Counter Extreme Water IonizerCommon Features

Both of these devices adopt the same shape and the type of interactive control face customers are used to seeing on other technology like the latest high-tech washers, dryers, and cookers. The 9000 Turbo also introduces a function you find on the next generation machine: Turbo ionization for extremely acidic or alkaline water. Customers use these to clean or sterilize, not to drink. Turbo is one of many settings which include 55 pre-set power functions.

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Voice Direction

A voice-guided system helps consumers operate this user-friendly machine. The voice will give commands and warnings. One thing it never has to tell you to do is clean the UCE-9000 Turbo. It does this automatically to prevent bacteria from building up. The 9000 Turbo creates perfect settings for water flow and quality using dual filtration to enhance purity.

Finally, as of the date where we’re including this UCE-9000 Turbo water ionizer, it’s listed on sale at Tyent USA HERE for only $2,995 (Savings of $1,300, or 30%!) Also, until 3/27/16, try using Tyent coupon code MarchMax to see if there are any other discounts and gifts!

Note: Tyent does offer financing, as well as a 75 day trial!

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