Finally! The VariChair! The BEST Standing Desk Chair Yet! ONLY $195 + FREE SHIPPING


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Have you seen this awesome new chair from VariDesk?? The “VariChair,” which I found on Amazon here definitely looks to be one of the best standing desk chairs to come on the market yet. I looked at the reviews from not just the VariChair, but also the competition – some of which seem pretty good – but in my view as an already satisfied VariDesk user, the VariChair does seem to be the best bet.

Why is this an important and exciting product, you may ask? Ok – remember how many reports we’ve been hearing about how sitting all day is “as bad as smoking,” or other alerts? For example, the Mayo Clinic discusses sitting risks at their site here:

So, a bunch of us went out and bought the VariDesk or another version thereof (like the new VersaDesk that we’ve been hearing so much about lately).

What happened then? Well, our feet began to hurt if we stood too long.

So, we went out and bought an anti-fatigue mat, which is great, but still not quite enough.

The answer? To me, it seemed like a no-brainer to find a way to “sort of sit” and “sort of stand” because I’m fidgety as all get out. I drive myself crazy.

Enter the VariChair or other version of an “active” ergonomic solution. Because I really do love my VariDesk, the VariChair stood out to me as being the best choice from what I found out there.

But I’ll let you judge for yourself – Here are links to the primary competing standing desk chairs, along with a few thoughts of my own on each one.

VariChair by VariDesk

My #1 pick even though it’s a little more expensive than its closest competition (my opinion); but one of the huge “Wow” factors for me are that it comes pre-assembled, so it’s ready to go out of the box. This is something VariDesk – and also its own closest competitor, the VersaDesk have done right from the get-go.

The other “Wow” factor is the way it pivots and wobbles. I think one of the top reviewers said it best, that it was like the “Offspring of a chair & stool with some Bosu ball DNA thrown in” – so it’s an “active” chair.

The VariChair has a 70% 5-star rating on Amazon, is $195, and you get free shipping. I know that it hasn’t been around forever, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more reviews as time goes on.

-> See the VariChair HERE.


Kore Everyday Chair

At only $89.99 plus free shipping, I thought this one would be getting some good reviews – and for the most part it does, coming in just behind VariChair at 56% 5-stars. To be fair, it looks like it’s been around a little longer than the VariChair, so it’s had time to accumulate more reviews (207 as of this writing versus only 20 thus far for the newer VariChair). While I like the price, it doesn’t appear to come pre-assembled, and I know myself. I don’t like to take time to assemble stuff.

But, it is still looking like a viable, less pricey option if money is a primary concern. A few concerns I read were that a few people felt it needed additional cushioning, and that it wasn’t holding up quite as well as the VariChair.

-> See the Kore Everyday Chair HERE.

Focal Upright Furniture FWS-1000-BK Pivot Seat

I don’t quite know what to think here. There are only 2 Verified Buyer reviews, and they are as apart on the spectrum as could possibly be. 1 5-star review which indicated that it takes some time to get used to, and 1 1-star review from a user who wants to return it.

There is nothing saying whether or not it comes pre-assembled – and, as I mentioned earlier, that would be a bonus point for me. I like the looks of the chair, especially its molded seat – but at $250.31 (plus free shipping), I’m leery. I’m willing to wait a while to see more reviews on this before I encourage spending that much on it.

-> See the Focal FWS-100-BK Pivot Seat HERE.

 Varier Move Stool – more specifically, the Move Tilting Saddle Stool

Perhaps this chair is a bit new to the Amazon marketplace, because I’m not seeing a ton of action surrounding this. So far, no reviews on Amazon, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

Even on the internet in general, I’m not seeing a lot of intel on the Varier other than one 4-star review from 2013 which indicated that the stool isn’t as “active” as some of the others.

So, if it’s been around for some time and isn’t getting tons of action, it’s possible that the price tag is making potential customers squeamish. Coming in at $499.99 (plus free shipping), it’s out of my personal range.

So, I’m guessing that our readers who are looking for quality without spending a week’s pay might feel the same.

-> See the Varier Move Stool HERE.

The Wobble Stool Adjustable Height Active Sitting Chair by Uncaged Ergonomics

The Wobble Stool looked like it might be a contender for me at first, because #1, the price is a little lower than the VariChair at $149.99 plus free shipping, and #2, it seemed more compact than some of the other models. Then, I saw that out of 130 reviews (thus far), its 5-star rating was at about 38%. A full 17% were 1-star ratings. Why? It didn’t seem overly complicated (other than it’s not pre-assembled). So, I looked at the 1-star ratings and a number of them were concerning the quality of the stool itself, problems assembling it, and overall disappointment.

To give the Wobble Stool an honest look, I decided to read through the 5-star reviews. Interestingly, a number of people giving the Wobble Stool 5-stars were also giving tips on how to use it, which is concerning to me. For example, one reviewer who loves the thing said, “First thing you need to know is THE PRODUCT PICTURES SHOW YOU THE WRONG WAY TO SIT ON THIS!!” (That’s a direct quote.) Of course, there are lots of users who simply love it without additional commentary.

What my personal disappointment was that given the number of negative reviews (all verified purchases), not once did the seller address them in comments like some sellers will. So, I don’t know what to think other than I’m not willing to risk $149.99 on it.

-> See the Wobble Stool HERE.

Anyway, I really hope that this helps you decide what will personally be the best standing desk chair for you. Thanks so much for reading!