Varidesk Pro 36 REVIEW! Multi-Monitor Sit – Standing Desk Riser WORKSTATION

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Before we begin our review of the 36-inch wide Pro 36 by Varidesk, there is no question that standing desks like this truly are ingenious tools which could help to improve our health right away. Is your posture at a desk or table causing strain in your neck and back? Do you wish you could move while working, maybe stand up from time to time and restore circulation to your feet? As is the case with the other models and versions of this workstation, the Varidesk Pro 36 was made to overcome those problems and to prevent them for those who haven’t yet encountered pain related to a desk job.

What Is the Varidesk Pro 36?


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Varidesk makes a series of products known as “risers” which sit on top of a flat surface such as an office desk. Since it is not attached using any mechanism or hardware, a Varidesk can be moved wherever you wish to work – and I can attest to this, since I own one! Take your technology to the kitchen table or to a different desk at the office. As long as your monitor and other hardware can come too, this makes the whole system portable without transporting a heavy desk.

Dimensions and Measurements

While not as heavy as a desk, this product does weigh close to 50 lbs, so exercise caution when you lift it and only place it on a surface that supports this much weight. Once in place, adjust the riser several inches from its flat position without tools. This only requires activating a spring-loaded system and takes seconds. The Varidesk Pro will hold two monitors close to each other but also offers enough space in front for a small keyboard. This is a compact alternative to the larger Varidesk Pro Plus 48 which is a much wider, two-tiered accessory suitable for large desks.

IF you want the adjustable keyboard shelf, consider the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 HERE (also on Amazon) As of this writing, it appears to be the SAME Price as the Pro 36 – $395 + Free Shipping!

Stylish Setup

The Varidesk Pro 36 is available in black to match virtually any style of office. The surface cleans up quickly if you want to dust it or leave rings from a coffee mug. At just under $400 this is not an inexpensive product, but consider the sturdy, user-friendly Pro 36 an investment in your health, one that can be packed flat again and go with you anywhere.

Buy the Varidesk Pro 36 HERE on Amazon! $395 + Free Shipping

(Check the Varidesk Pro PLUS 36 HERE – I can’t guarantee it, but as of this writing, it was the same price)