WALK at Work! Buy TrekDesk Treadmill Desk $499 through Their Amazon Store (FREE SHIPPING)

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Anyone who knows me knows I REALLY dig desks that help us keep moving. So, the TrekDesk Treadmill Desks are spot-on for me with that! I love some of the company’s sayings: “The Weight is Over” or “Chairs Destroy Health.” The company has been around for quite some time (I believe they’ve been at this since around 2008), and they have gotten quite a bit of press. I’ll try to keep it short here – and our regular readers know how hard that is for me sometimes! 🙂TrekDesk Buy Now

First of all, this is a lightweight desk that fits over/around most standard treadmills. If you set up your treadmill in your office, you can place the TrekDesk right over it.

Let’s say you want to set up to work and walk on your treadmill for a while, but your treadmill is not in your office. The desk folds up so you can transport it – you can then set it up wherever your treadmill happens to be.

Anyway, you’ll see lots of information in their YouTube video that I’ve included here, just below this article… Here’s one of the great things I like about TrekDesk – besides the fact that it’s cool looking: The price is right! This thing is only about $499!! And, they are including Free Shipping as well.

If you have questions about whether or not the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk will fit your particular treadmill, the site has an extensive FAQ page, and they show ALL the pertinent dimensions as well.

In the event you don’t have a treadmill, but are really liking this idea, I found a reasonably, economically priced treadmill for only $199 plus Free Shipping at Amazon -> It’s the Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill Black (click here)(and it’s getting some decent reviews too!)

So, check out the video, and consider the idea of walking while working!