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THE ORIGINAL Cake Stackers Cake Support System! Folks, you will LOVE this! First of all, this Cake Stackers coupon code is for a 5% discount on this amazingly popular cake decorating system. CLICK HERE to visit Cake Stackers to shop!

Please note also that CakeStackers.com has also been awarded the MyFavDeals.org Seal of Approval for outstanding products and services!

Check out the video below to see how it works – The first time I saw this, I was so incredibly impressed, and made sure that my sister-in-law saw it (she makes wedding cakes on the side). If you have ANYONE in your life who loves baking and decorating cakes, you now have the PERFECT gift for them!

I wrote a longer post about this on our My Favorite Deals product reviews section, which you can read about here, but essentially, what this does is stabilize your cake “stacks” and allows you to create wonderfully creative cakes. The Cake Stackers system makes transporting cakes from your kitchen/bakery to the venue (whether it’s a wedding or another party) much easier. Anyone who has struggled with keeping the layers stabilized knows how difficult this can be. One of CakeStackers most famous systems is called the “Topsy Turvy.” Take a look at this photo, and you’ll see what I mean:

Cake Decorating Blog-CakeStackers-chocolate and rose topsy turvy

So, you get the idea… Anyway, even if you hardly know anything about cake decorating, you could use these supports and ordinary frosting and look like you created a masterpiece! So, the fact that Cake Stackers offered up a discount for our readers really excites me, and I hope that you’ll enjoy this entirely new and fun way of presenting specialty cakes, whether it’s for customers or your own enjoyment.

More about Cake Stackers Cake Support Systems

Another thing I found out more recently (I’m updating this post regularly), is if you use the Cake Stackers wedding cake support system, you might be able to enter a contest with them! I saw a listing about this earlier this year, and although I’m not sure whether this is an annual or regular contest, it might be fun for all you cake decorators to consider! Here’s the Blog Post I wrote that mentions it.

Ooh! ANOTHER UPDATE! WOW! I didn’t realize that they ALSO have the popular Cascading Cake Stand system – and I can tell you that these are incredibly elegant. I really love seeing the creativity these folks have.

Okay – here’s a Cake Stackers video about the system that will help show it more clearly! Thanks for reading!

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Cake Stackers is an official recipient of the MyFavDeals.org Seal of Approval

WooHoo! Cake Stackers Coupon Code for 5% off!
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2 Responses to “WooHoo! Cake Stackers Coupon Code for 5% off!”

  • Nancy May 12, 20167:00 pm

    Hey guys – Thanks! That Cake Stackers discount code ACC525 just worked! I just bought a couple of their “Cascading” systems – added them to our collection since pretty much every single customer wants one of the designs we can only get with the Cake Stackers wedding cake tier system! We originally met the reps at the company at a trade show in Florida a couple of years ago (that’s where they’re based, and where we are), and thought it was a no brainer. We scarcely do any advertising because we get so much word of mouth business. It surprises me that other decorators and caterers aren’t using this in our area. But that’s ok with us I guess. Our customers’ biggest problem when they come to us to order their cakes and pastries is which tiered design to use. The Cascade set creates a stunning and elegant look that I think is going to rival the Topsy Turvy look. I think you should talk a bit more about their different systems here – especially the Cascading one. Anyway, we’ll see if this new set outsells the Topsy Turvy! Thanks again for helping us save some money. If you ever start a newsletter, that would be good, and I’d join it. Take care!

    • admin May 13, 201612:51 pm

      Hi Nancy! What a lovely comment! Total day-brightener for us! Thanks so much for reaching out like that. I have to say that Cake Stackers is one of the coolest inventions we’ve seen, and not even JUST for wedding cake tier stands. I’ve seen them used for so many different occasions like baby showers, wedding showers, anniversary,and on and on. And thank you for the nudge. I’ll put the Cascading wedding cake stands on the list for us to write about. It’s wonderful what can be done with a mix of imagination and the Cake Stackers tiers. Truly endless. Thanks also for the newsletter suggestion. We’ve been talking about that, and it’s definitely a possibility. When we do get to that point, we’ll announce it for sure. Thank you again for your kind comment and vote of confidence for Cake Stackers. Have a great day!


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