Wow! Coupon works for Vancaro Black Flower Engagement Ring!

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So, I was looking for the Vancaro “Black Flower” Engagement Ring – It’s gorgeous and very hip and funky and eye-catching all at the same time. AND it’s sterling silver, one of my favorite precious metals. Anyway, the REGULAR price was $229.00. THEN it was marked down for this sale at $69 – BUT… I thought, hmmm…. would the latest 10% Vacaro coupon code work on a SALE item?

Would it hurt to try? GUESS WHAT! IT WORKED! It took ANOTHER $6.90 off! So, check out these 2 screenshots I put in – this shows you exactly what I did, and how it worked. I saw one listing that said this coupon expires on January 31, 2016, but why not give it a try anyway? (Click the picture to go to the Vancaro Black Flower engagement ring – or the picture below (the picture below shows you the check out page with the coupon code applied)

Vancaro Black Flower Engagement Ring Sale



And the next photo is the checkout page… Again, you can just click on that and go to the product page (don’t forget to at least TRY the coupon code – and come back to our Vancaro listings here at MyFavDeals to check back on additional coupons and deals)


Vancaro coupon code applied at checkout