Green Screen Software At Home

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Have you ever wondered how film studios make a scene appear to have taken place in a magical realm or how they provide the illusion that a superhero is flying?

Green Screen Wizard explanation of how it worksIf so, you have been living in a cave for the past decade. Everyone knows that Green Screen technology is the answer. Watch bonus features from any action or fantasy flick and there it is: that huge green screen of dimensions that would cover the length and height of a house.

Photographic experts say it has to be green because high-tech equipment for isolating and removing background most easily recognizes and separates a bright shade of green from a scene (or apparently certain shades of blue). Human eyes find these shades easiest as well during the editing process before replacing green with another backdrop: a waterfall, burning house, or explosion, for example. The people behind the “screen” at Green Screen Wizard do their best to explain this whole concept to you at their website here in this document.

Technology for the Movies

For years, consumers associated this type of filming with the world of big-budget movies, especially action shows featuring people who fly or change form (werewolves and other animorphs, for instance). This technology was used extensively during filming of The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and the Harry Potter films so that scenes featuring real people and sometimes animatronics could be superimposed onto computer-generated graphics. Why would someone even need technology like that at home and, if it was available, could the average person afford or learn to use it? Then there is the issue of where to find a green screen big enough to accommodate your special effects.

Green Screen Software

As with most things in the IT world, if it is expensive and big today someone is bound to come up with a small, affordable version in a few years. That is exactly what has happened with Green Screen software. Companies are making software you can use at home, in your business, or even on your phone. It’s not even necessary to own a screen and someone with slightly above-average computer skills will learn to employ these very cool techniques easily. The technology has been simplified. And, if you want to buy a downloadable product, you can play around with it for less than $100 to see if you enjoy working with it, or – if you are a professional, you still don’t need to break the bank since you can get it for just about $300 (or less with vendor coupon codes which offer considerable discounts). Regardless, the technology is now within everyone’s reach, thanks to the ability to download the products.

Versions and Applications

This type of downloadable software is already extensively used among photographers and videographers working for advertising companies, schools, and “Events” businesses. Have your wedding or school photos taken against a plain green backdrop then superimpose them onto a more exotic or academic background.

Children and their parents can select natural scenes, a library, old-looking architecture, and similar backgrounds for their school pictures. Travel documentaries can appear to have been filmed on location while the narrator is really in a 20 x 20-ft room on business premises. These visual effects and replacements are captured in stills and in videos for business or for fun. Green Screen software and visual trickery is not just an industry for people learning to take pictures or make movies either: consumers are using these methods in daily life – and it’s a lot of fun as well. Just take a look at the brief demo video below this article to see what we mean!

Instagram and Myspace

Most people own a handheld smartphone and with that phone they take pictures. Even images captured years ago submit to this kind of technology with a Photoshop plug in, a $2 app, and an iPhone. The technology works by recognizing differences between people and settings; background and foreground.

It’s an amazing breakthrough which allows one to forget what’s “behind the scene” and make the premise work retroactively just for a laugh during a long, boring car or train journey. Eye-catching and surprising images posted on Instagram and Myspace become successful advertising campaigns for small companies too.

As we mentioned, today it’s possible to purchase a kit containing software for your PC or Mac plus something that will act as your actual green screen (even a sheet will do!) and the stand to raise it on (or, pin it to a wall). This kind of package is useful for someone engaged as a professional photographer who plans and expects to use the technology on a regular basis.

Click to learn more and to try a free demo!Experts say, though, that a brand new green screen isn’t the only backdrop that works. If you can find or create a backdrop colored solid green this will also work. It can’t be a pattern or interrupted by any other visual feature. A wall (outdoor or indoor) or even a bed sheet hung from the ceiling would work just as well.


We’ve become most familiar with the Green Screen Wizard software (that’s what we’re showing in the video here, and what we’ve found some great deals for our readers here), and using this user-friendly download, just about anyone can achieve many tasks – whether you’re just having fun from home, picking up a new hobby (something that could become a fun family activity as well), or whether you are a professional looking to integrate it with Photoshop or setting up a programmable photo booth – and the Pro Batch Version even has the air brush editor. The possibilities are endless – and it’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago you had to go to a professional studio set to do all this. Amazing! Have a look! (PS: Check our Green Screen Wizard coupons here!)